Lube Review: AstroGlide Gel

What’s the top-selling lube on Spicy Gear? AstroGlide Gel, hands down. So what makes this water-based sex lube so astronomically well received? Let’s find out!



Clearly the name brand itself takes some of the credit for these higher sales stats. AstroGlide is made here in the USA by BioFilm LLC in Vista, CA and is well-known, trusted and recommended by physicians. Plus, the uber inexpensive price, consistent marketing and wide availability of the product doesn’t hurt either.

Currently listed at a super low price of $6.99, AstroGlide Gel comes in an easy-to-hold, 4.0 oz, flip-top bottle for flawless and precise one-handed application. And, since it’s an upside down bottle, you don’t have to shake it like a sex-crazed maniac to get the last precious dollops of personal lubricant out. Waste not, astro-nut!

Did this space age, water-based gel cast me under a slippery spell? Meh. Not really. However, it did enchant me with a slathering of surprisingly sweet-tasting stickiness.


It’s OK, Astro. The stickiness wipes right off with warm water or a few scoots across the carpet.

In fact, my skin was so insanely and instantly tacky, I felt the need to bust out my Sticky Fingers album from The Rolling Stones after using this almost-as-adhesive-as-Elmer’s lubricant. But, while it didn’t prove helpful for me in getting off, it was non-staining and very easy to get off my skin with just a little warm water.

If gelatin and aloe made a baby, it would closely resemble AstroGlide Gel. Sure, it’s nice and thick. But, so is mayo. And, like mayonnaise, AstroGlide Gel is mysteriously viscous doesn’t have ingredients which are ideally suited for insertion into a vagina. Amongst the list of lube ingredient offenders are multiple types of sugars (glucose and glycerin) and parabens.


Purified Water, Glycerin, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Chlorhexidine Gluconate, Methylparaben, Glucono Delta Lactone, Sodium Hydroxide

If a yeast (candida) overgrowth has ever become an issue after using a sugary, water-based lube, steer clear of this vagina-unfriendly lube. But beware, because AstroGlide Glycerin & Paraben-Free lube still contains potentially harmful ingredients for vaginal use. Sneaky, sneaky!

I recommend trying out longer-lasting, pure silicone AstroGlide X for a completely body-safe experience from the same trusted lubricant manufacturer. Or, if you prefer to stick with water-based lubes, WET Beautifully Bare feels fantastic and contains no glycerins or parabens.


Overall Rating: 3 Stars

Final Verdict:

I am so down with the fact that AstroGlide Gel comes in a well-designed bottle, is very affordable and is both condom and sex toy-safe. But, it’s not very vagina-safe, long-lasting, or significant in my quest for a natural-feeling lubricant.

What Spicy Gear Customers are Saying:

5 Stars Liz – New York, NY

“This is excellent lube. It lubricates without feeling sticky. It lasts long too. I highly recommend it.”

4 StarsSpencer – Burbank

“Not bad at all. On your flesh, it will quickly dry out, but it will keep your condoms nice and slick for plenty long, as long as you have a hearty drop.”

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