Six Habits For A Happier, Healthier Vagina

A healthy vagina is a happy vagina. Whether you’re using it for sex or just interested in keeping things down there running as smoothly as possible, here are some easy tips to keeping that all-important part of your body healthy.


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Begging for a Pegging

Ah, the joys of pegging. Whether you’re a newcomer to the world of prostate pleasure, or you’re old hat and want to get your partner in on the action, this guide should help you peg or get pegged safely and comfortably.

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Adult Films For Women?

Whether it’s bashing or championing the Duke porn star, sex addiction via adult films, or revenge porn, women have a complicated relationship with pornography. And it isn’t hard to see why– it wasn’t originally made for us, or by us, and yet we and our bodies were the product that it was selling.



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Anal Toys: An Introduction

One thing that always sticks out to me from sex-ed during my school days was one of my teachers saying that anal sex was dangerous. While her reasoning may have been incorrect, the fact is true– anal sex is dangerous. But so is regular sex. And just like with regular sex, there are ways to protect yourself.

50-Drive-In Intermission Ad Suggestive Hot Dog and Bun


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Male Masturbators: An Introduction

Since the beginning of time, men have been finding weird things to stick their penises in. Modern men are lucky– because we here at Spicy Gear have a whole line of toys just for them!



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Dildos: An Introduction

Earlier, we covered the basics of vibrators. Today, let’s talk about politicians–oops, I meant, dildos!



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Vibrators: An Introduction

When you say the words, “Sex toy,” everyone seems to immediately think of vibrators. There’s a reason that these toys are the first thing that comes to mind– they’re fantastic. Today let’s take a look at the history of our favorite toy!


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