How-To: Travel with Sex Toys & Lubricants

Too scared to take your favorite friends on vacation? Fear no more. The Spicy Gear Blog has the complete guide for taking your dildos, butt plugs, fetish gear, lubricants, and so much more on vacation!


Here’s a brief list of items that aren’t allowed on flights:

  • Explosive and incendiary materials (like gunpowder)
  • Flammable items (like gasoline, lighters, paint thinner)
  • Gases and pressure containers (like aerosols, oxygen tanks, mace)
  • Matches
  • Oxidizers (bleach, fertilizers, spa chemicals)
  • Poisons (pesticides, arsenic, insecticides)
  • Laboratory specimens
  • Corrosives (drain cleaner, car batteries, wet cell batteries, acid)
  • Radioactive materials (unless they are in implants)
  • Strong magnets (like those found in loudspeakers)
  • Drugs (including marijuana)
  • Spray paint, tear gas, chlorine, peroxides

So long as your sexual routine doesn’t involve any of those things (or if it does, you’re not traveling with it), then it’s completely legal to bring your personal items on flights in the United States.

There are no laws against flying with adult toys, but due to airport security measures, it’s impossible to get your toys there without being seen by the eyes of TSA workers. For the most part, this shouldn’t be a concern of yours. These people comb through thousands of bags a day and they’ve probably seen weirder. But there have been incidents in the past where passengers have been harassed by TSA agents who have found their toys. For example:


Image courtesy of AirSafe.

One passenger found this note in her baggage after transporting a toy in her checked baggage. The handler responsible for this infraction was sought and promptly fired, but it no doubt made the passenger feel uncomfortable.

While there’s no way to ensure that TSA Agents will handle your things appropriately, you can at least take certain measures for your own peace of mind:

  • Check them, if you can. If you’re checking a bag, keep your toys safely in there. This will prevent potential awkwardness at the security checkpoint, if that’s a concern for you.
  • Be honest. Even if you check your bags, you may be asked what certain items were. This happened to me once– I was on my way to a theater competition with some props that I was building at the time, and forgot that aerosols, like spray paint weren’t allowed. I put them in my checked bag and was pulled aside at the gate. Once I told them my mistake, they were very understanding. If this happens to you due to one of your toys, let them know that it was an adult toy and tell them you’ll be happy to answer any questions. This should, hopefully, help you avoid further questions.
  • Put them in clear plastic bags. This is the old underwear trick from the early days after 9/11. As long as the TSA agents inspecting your bags, they can look into the clear bag without having to open it and touch your things.
  • Clean your toys before using them again. On the off-hand chance that they were touched, this is always a safe way to go.
  • Take the batteries out. If your toy has batteries, removing them and placing them in a separate container (like a tupperware or another plastic bag) will ensure that they don’t turn on, wasting said-batteries and alarming TSA workers. It will also show the TSA workers that the device is safely stored for in-flight purposes.
  • Don’t lock your suitcase. TSA workers will break the locks off suitcases to perform their checks, even if all you’re hiding is your leather fetish gear.
  • If you think that your items have been inappropriately handled, you have the right to file with the TSA. Don’t be afraid to do so! Harassment is unacceptable. Not only does this include leaving notes behind, like above, but if you do bring your toy in your carry on and experience rudeness from TSA agents at the security checkpoint. Don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself and ask to see a manager, or file a complaint later on.

spicytravelTraveling with lubes may also come with its own hassles. Since it is a liquid, it will have to adhere to the TSA regulations, just like shampoo, water bottles, and other liquid containers.

Currently, the rule is 3-1-1: 3.4 fl. oz. bottles on, all placed in one quart-sized plastic bag, one bag per person. You may be asked to remove this bag from your carry-on while at the security check point, like you would a laptop, so be prepared for that. Luckily, many of the lube brands that we carry come in 3.4 fl. oz. bottles, because it’s exactly 100 ML. A fine example? Pjur’s line has tons of them, including their BodyGlide Woman. And WET’s lubes usually come in very similarly-sized bottles, at 3.6 fl. oz, if you’re willing to take the risk.


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