Lube Review: Astroglide X

Admittedly, I have never been a gushing cheerleader for Astroglide brand lubricants. That is, until now! Dude, this Astroglide X lube is the silicone-based shizz I’ve seriously been searching for since high school. Kinda makes me want to do a herkie while cheering, “Gimme an A-S-T-R-O-G-L-I-D-E-X! Woo!”


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Our Most Realistic-Feeling Toys

We get it. We all love toys, but sometimes you’re just really jonesing for the real thing. If you can’t get the real thing for one reason or another, these toys are here to satisfy you to the max– all while feeling as real and natural as a toy can get.

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Our Best Latex-Free Toys

Allergies aren’t any fun. If you have sensitive skin or if you have a known latex allergy, finding the perfect toy can be difficult, especially with the lack of regulation in the sex toy business.



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Male Masturbators: An Introduction

Since the beginning of time, men have been finding weird things to stick their penises in. Modern men are lucky– because we here at Spicy Gear have a whole line of toys just for them!



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What is My Adult Toy Made Of?

There’s a lot of talk in the industry lately about toxic toys. The problem is that the sex toy industry is currently completely unregulated. Because many places consider adult toys to be a novelty, they don’t use the same sort of medical ranking system befitting things you will be sticking into your body. They just kind of say, “Oh, whatever, this feels good!” and aren’t held to any legal ramifications for what they list as the actual ingredients.


Mike is not pleased.

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