Anal Play: Rips, Hemorrhoids and Rectal Prolapse


Up the butt without any anal lube? Have fun at the proctologist’s office, ‘cause unlike the vagina, the anus ain’t self-lubricated and dry anal play will keep a healthy, happy and properly functioning anus at bay.

Whether you’re masturbating all alone or participating in some sort of anal penetration with a partner(s), like pegging, anal sex or manual sex, anal lube is a must. In fact, it’s more than a must. It’s practically medically necessary.

When really raring to go, fear the pink socked rear and always stay clear of dry entry through the back door, my dears.

Non-lubricated anal entry by a penis, sex toy, hand or other object can potentially cause microtears in the anal lining, hemorrhoids and in extreme instances, even rectal prolapses. Even just a seemingly innocuous, dry prodding of the chocolate starfish from the tip of a large penis or butt plug can be enough to cause damage.

And you don’t want anything to do with any of that. Trust me. Images aren’t included in this article for a reason.

A Spicy Gear warehouse team member caught a glimpse of a rectal prolapse on my monitor while walking by and said, “Eww, gross. What are you looking at?” Bare in mind this is coming from a guy who packs up Rambones, Make-Your-Own-Dildo-Kits, tubs of liquid latex and myriads of vibrating panties for a living. Not the most squeamish of characters.

Aside from the initial grossness factor of this possibly happening from something as fun as anal play, an even greater risk is at hand. These are not only painful, complicated, costly, lengthy and embarrassing conditions to recover from, the likelihood of transmission of STDs/STIs, like HIV/AIDs, between partners is higher when open wounds are created in the entry (or exit, depending how you look at it).

Dry anal action is more dangerous for you and for your partner, no matter whether a condom is being used or not. Dry heat and friction cause condoms to break, becoming useless as a protective barrier.

If you think you may have experienced one of these conditions from doin’ it dry in the backdoor, a trip to the doctor is always better done sooner rather than later. And, having a full panel STD screening done while you’re there is a smart move, especially is you’re not in a monogamous relationship.

Physical symptoms of receiving anal play without proper lubrication:

  • Anal lining is protruding outside of the body
  • Severe internal pain
  • Feeling a ripping sensation in the intestines
  • Stinging sensations as lube enters into microtears
  • Difficulties sitting down
  • Unable to extrude bowel movement
  • Condom breaks during penetrationWUw-sm2013

The larger lesson here? Although your lube stained sheets may beg to differ, there truly is no such thing as too much anal lube. It feels great, keeps all those involved safer and it’s not hard to come by (don don don chhhh…).

So what’s a good excuse for penetrating a hole as dry as the Sahara when you could be juicin’ it up in the anal Everglades? There simply aren’t any. Find out which condom-safe anal lubricants are preferred by our anal lube connoisseur in, “Five Best Anal Lubes and Sprays.

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