Lube Review: WET Naturals Beautifully Bare

The first thing I noticed about WET Naturals Beautifully Bare was how cool it felt to the touch. When I looked on the back at the ingredients on the back of the 3.3oz flip-top bottle, it came as no surprise to me that aloe is one of the first ingredients listed.


The addition of this aloe is startlingly noticeable when compared to the WET Light which I reviewed last week. The aloe meant that it felt great going on, and it even veered towards some mild temperature play with how cold it felt.

One thing to note: while this product is called Beautifully Bare, it does not say so on the front of the bottle. It only says this on the back. The front says, “WET Naturals Sensitive Skin,” now, unlike the above image (I was unable to find an appropriately labeled image). So if you are shipped this product and think that you’ve received the wrong thing, check the back first.

And on that note, this lube is excellent for sensitive skin. Many water-based lubes have to compensate for their lack of thickness by adding in glycerin or parabens as preservatives or emollients. Instead, Beautifully Bare uses only natural ingredients to achieve the same effect.


These natural ingredients also give the lube a slightly sweeter taste. Now, keep in mind, it’s no flavored lube. But if you like using lube for oral sex and you find flavored lubes too overpowering but also don’t want something that smells like a hospital, this might be a good mid-way point. If you like more flavor, check out WET Naturals Sensual Strawberry, from the same line by WET. It’s vagina-friendly and, as you’ll no doubt remember from my review, it tastes like heaven if heaven were made of strawberries.

While it will dry up faster than silicone-based lubricants, it doesn’t leave that nasty, sticky, tacky feeling that other water-based lubes leave behind. Reapplication is easy with the hand grip on the 3.3 oz bottle.

Now, this lube is safe to use anally, but we don’t recommend it. As we’ve said many times, the anus absorbs water, so a silicone-based lube, like WET Naturals Silky Supreme, are preferable, unless you are using a toy that is partially (but not 100%) silicone. Beautifully Bare will do the job, but you’ll be reapplying constantly.

As far as toys and condoms though? This lube is safe for anything. In fact, since it’s water-based, it didn’t even stain our sheets. Perfect!

The closest comparison we can find is Lifestyles Natural Personal Lubricant. In terms of most qualities, the pair run very close, save for two major differences. The Lifestyles lube is cheaper at $7.99 for 3.5 oz (whereas Beautifully Bare is $12.99 for 3.3 oz.) But consumer reviews and sales skew in favor of Beautifully Bare. Sometimes, quality comes at a cost.

Final Verdict

This is a great example of what a water-based lubricant should be. It’s vagina-friendly, it doesn’t have an over-whelming taste or smell, it lasts a fair amount of time, and it feels delightful even after it’s dry.

Overall Rating: 4 Stars


[Image courtesy of rgbstock.]


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