Your U-Spot and You

By now, you’ve probably heard all about the G-Spot and A-Spot, both of which are highly sensitive areas located inside of the vaginal canal. But what about the lesser known, yet equally important, U-Spot?

Unlike the G and A-Spots, the U-Spot resides outside of the vagina and therefore does not require penetration in order to be stimulated. This makes this part of the vulva perfect for foreplay or for those who do not care for vaginal penetration, but are still fiending to get off.

So, where is this elusive U-Spot? The exact anatomical location of the U-Spot is the small but nerve-rich area in-between the urethra and the clitoris. The skin along either side of the urethra and halfway from the urethral opening to the clitoris is the most excitable.


If you plan on using the U-Spot for masturbatory purposes, using a hand mirror and spreading your labia apart can help you ascertain the precise location of your own urethra. It basically looks like a tiny hole betwixt your clitoris and your vaginal opening. Check out these women who are examining their genitals for the first time. If you want to get your partner’s U-Spot going, you may need some light to fully see the area.

Ever heard the term ladyboner? Well, the U-Spot, along with the clitoris, is the area of the vulva which swells during arousal. For this reason, clitoral massagers and vibrators are absolutely ideal for arousing the erectile tissue which comprises the U-Spot. Some people with vulvas prefer an up and down motion, while others can’t get enough of circular movements around the U-Spot. When it doubt, try a variety of gentle movements and pay close attention to verbal clues and body language.


In general, our customers rave about Magic Wand-style (formerly known as the Hitachi Magic Wand– read about the name change here) vibrators for U-Spot titillation. For some customers, they work wonders even while still wearing panties or thin shorts and the toy is implemented on top of the fabric. If the original design isn’t your thing, perhaps you’d rather give the highly rated AcuVibe or Mystic Wand a go. Occasionally, people find these type vibrators to be difficult to manage and clunky, in which case the economical and cord-free Mini-Multi Wanachi would be a better choice. If using toys on your U-Spot is the route you’re taking, be sure to read more important information about cleaning your toy properly and the dangers of sharing a sex toy.

However, using or buying a toy is not necessary, as fingers, tongues and penises can also do a bang up job when it comes to awakening the U-Spot. But, be aware that manual, oral and vaginal sex does pose health-risks– so get tested regularly and stock up on dental dams and condoms if you want to experience U-Spot stimulation with a partner. For tips on safer manual sex follow these guidelines and to learn more about which type of gloves will keep you and your partner the safest, click here.


If you or your partner is having difficulty achieving the highly coveted ladyboner, employing a lube made specifically for this purpose, like Liquid V for Women or WET WoW, can make a tremendous difference in the amount of pleasure they feel. These condom-safe products are designed to increase blood flow to the area in which they’re applied, and just like penial boners, ladyboners need a lot of blood circulating in order to become fully erect. As a word of advice though, start off with a small amount, as these lubes pack a tingly punch. Also, they do contain sugars in the form of glycerin and glycol, so those who have frequent yeast infections may want to steer clear of these otherwise amazing U-Spot activating lubes.

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