Making Sex Toys: A Factory Tour

If you love sex toys enough, eventually you will begin to wonder who makes them and where they come from. Is there some sort of a magical dildo-sculpting fairy who furiously creates boatloads of dongs for our enjoyment? Or do youths in the third world spend their childhood hand-painting realistic veins on our double-sided dildos for pennies?


As it turns out, a lot of adult toys are made right here in the United States, by human adults, who are well paid for their artistic creations. Still skeptical? Take a virtual tour through these images and videos of the sex toy manufacturing process by one of my favorite sex toy companies, Doc Johnson.

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Natural Ways to Treat Vaginal Odor

Can’t take the stank? Feeling less than fresh? Like it or not, we’ve all experienced our own or someone else’s offensive vaginal at one time or another. But, why does this happen and how can it be treated naturally?


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Anal Toys: An Introduction

One thing that always sticks out to me from sex-ed during my school days was one of my teachers saying that anal sex was dangerous. While her reasoning may have been incorrect, the fact is true– anal sex is dangerous. But so is regular sex. And just like with regular sex, there are ways to protect yourself.

50-Drive-In Intermission Ad Suggestive Hot Dog and Bun


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Male Masturbators: An Introduction

Since the beginning of time, men have been finding weird things to stick their penises in. Modern men are lucky– because we here at Spicy Gear have a whole line of toys just for them!



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