Buying Guide: Spicy Gear’s Best Bath-Time Toys

Hormones surging like it’s high tide? Ready to dive into a deep sea adventure of self-exploration? Long to be floating in gently lapping waves with your new favorite sex toy and to let the current set you adrift towards complete satisfaction? Then ditch the dinghy– you need to get properly geared up!

sensual woman in  natural pool

Darling, It’s Better down Where It’s Wetter

Naturally, you’ll want to be sure to use waterproof lubricants– because being underwater can actually dehydrate the body and result in a loss of natural lubricants. Without adequate lubrication, internal rips and microtears can occur, and no one wants that. Read reviews of our all time favorite silicone-based lubes, designed specifically for underwater action: ID Millennium, Doc Johnson’s i-Lube and Astroglide X. And the clean up afterwards? Bath-time makes it a breeze! 

Get Your Soak ‘n Smooth On

And hey, while you’re in the tub, why not add a capful of beautifully scented Inttimo by WET massage and bath oil or get your shave on with the unbeatable Coochy Cream Shave Creme as a way to get in the Moby Dick-rubbing mood? Might as well treat your torpedo or Mariana Trench to some skin-softening pampering as a means of foreplay. 

Dunk the Dildo? 

Some sex toys are shower and splash-proof while others are fully submergible underwater. The key terms to watch out for are water-resistant vs. waterproof (like a watch). For the safety of you and your toy, only waterproof toys should be submerged. If your perfect H2Orgasm requires a remote, be sure to keep the remote out of the water. Read each product’s info to find out more.

Hot Tub Humping

Of course, all non-vibrating 100% siliconeglass and metal sex toys are safe for use underwater. But what about those other tried and true types of toys you’ve come to truly enjoy like: prostate massagers, clitoral vibrators, pocket pussies, nipple clamps, dual area vibrators and traditional vibrators?

Never fear, because our staff here at the Spicy Gear Blog have tested the waters and compiled this complete buyer’s guide of the best bath-time toys will heat up even the coldest and loneliest of nights! Step aside, space heater– it’s time to drop trou and then drop anchor in the warm, blue, buoyant bliss and set sail for the uncharted island of multiple orgasms.

For complete product information, including current prices please click the linked and underlined product name.

To learn more about water lovin’ with a partner (or two or three) read ‘How-To: Safer Shower Sex’ and ‘How-To: Have Safer Sex Underwater.’

For Tsunami-Sized Waves of Pleasure, Try These Traditional Vibrators:

Flexi Sweet G-Spot

It’s ten speeds, bumpy head and G-Spot nudging motion make this waterproof toy a winner in my book!

Belladonna’s L’il Banger

This large and veiny dildo was designed by my favorite porn star, Belladonna. I’d take a bath with her and this ironically named 9.5″ L’il Banger any day! Waterproof, multi-speed vibrations and best used with a water-based lubricant.

Couture Collection Celestial

Get fancy with this medical grade silicone gem of a dildo! Completely body-safe and waterproof with seven speeds of ripple-making vibrations.

Silicone Roulette Straight Up

You won’t have to gamble on whether or not your roommate will hear this silicone, waterproof delight. It’s extremely quiet!

For Subaquatic Prostate Play:

Silicone P.E. Vibe


This ain’t no puny prostate massager. Made from silicone with variable levels of powerful vibrations, this 5″ anal toy is also completely waterproof.

Colt Waterproof Power Anal-T

coltanalt-lg (1)
It’s rubber coating and angled design makes this waterproof vibrating prostate massager a must have for bath-time!



For Exquisite External Vibrations on the Clitoral, Nipple, and Perineum Regions:

 I Rub My Duckie- Paris

I’ll float your boat and make you duck, duck loose! I’m waterproof so rub me anywhere you’d like during your next water-play session and you’ll be saying “Oui, oui!”


Silicone Bendable Rose

Up the romance in your sex life with this bendable silicone rosebud! It’s waterproof and is extra delightful when paired with Lover’s Bed of Roses and tea-lights.

Pulsabath Vibrating Bath Sponge

Use with water alone or add your favorite liquid soap for the sexiest sponging of your life. Feels fantastic on sensitive areas like the backs of knees, nipples, and the neck.

Butterfly Nipple Arousers

Toys are for torsos too! These vibrating nipple clamps were already featured in our Toys for Tits article, and finding out they’re waterproof is just an added bonus!

Lucid Dream #84


Easy to grip, super quiet, waterproof and with four settings to choose from, this eggplant-esque clitoral vibe is made to be played with during your bathroom private time.

Devilish Desire


Horniness rearing it’s ugly head? Tame the beast with the hellishly fun Devilish Desire! Designed to get to hidden places while you’re taking a soak and soaking in the good vibes.

For Wanking the Wet Willy:

Fantasy Tongue


The ideal shower companion, this waterproof sleeve mimics the sensations of oral sex with the perfect blend of softness and firmness.

Fantasy Pleasures


Let your fantasies run wild with this waterproof male masturbator. Try it, and it’ll go swimmingly!

Amphibious Multi-Area Vibrators for Internal and External Play:

WetJoy Vibe


You can’t ask for more bumps from a waterproof, dual area, rabbit vibe, so hop to it! Stylish design with a 4 3/4″ insertable length and 5 vibe settings.

The G Spot


Want to make your bath-time orgasms to the extreme? These nubs and ergonomic shape make this waterproof g-spot stimulator a splash hit!

True Love


Lie back, turn on the jets and let these three rows of spinning pleasure beads work you into a bubbling frenzy. Churn up the waters with this waterproof dual area vibrator!

Sally Sea Twist & Shake


Do you like ’em short, sweet, silicone, submergible and jam-packed with pearls? Then this non-latex toy can rotate your insides into a tizzy. So go on, get busy!

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