Anal Play: Rips, Hemorrhoids and Rectal Prolapse


Up the butt without any anal lube? Have fun at the proctologist’s office, ‘cause unlike the vagina, the anus ain’t self-lubricated and dry anal play will keep a healthy, happy and properly functioning anus at bay.

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7 Things They Didn’t Teach Us in Sex Ed (but They Should Have)

Sex educators the world over have long had issues with the way schools present sex education to their students. While we get that it can be an uncomfortable topic to discuss, sex ed is a very important topic in schools. It can even save lives. Here’s our shortlist of the things we wish we’d learned back when we were in school.800x550sexed

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How To: The Dance of the Double Dong

The Darth Maul of Dildos. The Double Ender for your double ends. No matter who you are or who you’re in a relationship with, the double-ended dildo can be used by anyone who enjoys penetration in the anus or the vaginal canal. And don’t think that double the dildo means double the cost. A few have even made our list of Toys Under $20!



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Lube Review: Pjur Woman Aqua

You know I love Pjur, but I’m not always a fan of water-based lubes. However, Pjur’s Aqua For Women still blew me out of the water.



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Five Best Anal Lubes and Sprays

Let’s face it: buttsex is great because everyone’s got a butt. But the key component to the best anal sex of your life, be it with a penis, some fingers, or some toys, is the lubricant.



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Our Most Realistic-Feeling Toys

We get it. We all love toys, but sometimes you’re just really jonesing for the real thing. If you can’t get the real thing for one reason or another, these toys are here to satisfy you to the max– all while feeling as real and natural as a toy can get.

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Lube Review: Pjur Analyse Me! Anal Comfort Spray and Glide

I love spray products. I really, truly do. For an anal product, there’s no better way to apply them (unless it’s lube with a lube shooter). Just a little spray on your chocolate starfish and you’ll feel a nice minty freshness, but not an overwhelming numbness.



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