XX Orgasms: Internal vs. External

Which is better, a clitoral orgasm or a vaginal orgasm? Or, is each source of sexual pleasure equally as good as the next one? Let’s find out!


While you may already have a steadfast opinion on female orgasms, popular opinions from human sexuality experts have changed dramatically throughout history. In turn, this shaped the sex ed of the day and the public perception of the inner workings of the XX genitalia.


Sigmund Freud

Oh Freud, you big fraud. Just because you couldn’t figure out how to make a clit happy, you got to go and insult the whole lot of them. Dubbed as immature orgasms and declared the sign of an underdeveloped mind, he publicly denounced clitoral orgasms as being inferior to the ones made possible by penile penetration. How convenient for your lonely penis, Siggy!

Unfortunately, at the time, the general public took this silly and phallocentric opinion as fact, causing a major setback in anatomical understandingsexual education and female empowerment. Even today, the G-Spot and A-Spot (the internal nerve rich areas of the vaginal canal) or sources of mature orgasms (as he called them) are much more well known than the just-as-sensitive U-Spot which resides on the vulva.

Masters and Johnson

Thank goodness some real data came along when Masters and Johnson teamed up to study and observe countless women from the initial state of arousal to the final hoorah. This scientific collaboration skyrocketed the female orgasm into the forefront of the public’s mind with some amazing statistics.

The end result of their studies? All of their extensive and exhausting research concluded into one simple fact: physiologically, the body and brain react in the exact same way to an internal or external orgasm. That’s right. It took a team of scientists years to definitively prove what I already knew by 7th grade– orgasms are good no matter if they come from the inside or the outside.

Vaginal detailed diagram

Clitoral a.k.a. External Orgasms

Not sure what will help you get that insanely powerful clitoral orgasm you’re after? Check out,“Get Lit Clit,” for Spicy Gear’s best clit-blasting sex toys. Currently the wondrous Magic Wand (formerly known as the Hitachi Magic Wand) is our top seller for both clitoral and U-Spot stimulation.

Enhancement gels like Liquid V for Women can also be helpful in increasing blood flow to the erectile tissues in the clitoris, thereby creating a heightened level sensitivity. But, as you can see in, “How-To: Female Masturbation (Without Toys),” products aren’t always needed to get off by stimulating the pink pea — and don’t forget about manual and oral sex too!

Vaginal a.k.a. Internal Orgasms

The most sensitive area inside the vagina may be the G-Spot, the fleshy walnut-shell textured lump on the front wall of the canal, located around 2” deep. A short toy, curved penis or come hither finger motion will massage the G-Spot effectively.

Other people find their happy place much further in, near the cervix at their A-Spot. Also known as a cervical massage, this is the deep and full sensation adored, sought after and revered by size queens. usually, a 6” penetration is required to reach the A-Spot so go for a longer than average insertable, if possible.

Wrong - right

The Ethics and Origins of O’s

From infantilizing the vagina to better comprehending its dynamic range of pleasure, we’ve come a long way since Freud’s day.

However, somehow a burning question remains on many a mind– is there a right way and a wrong way to achieve an orgasm? As long as there is consent, my definitive answer is a resounding, “No, they’re all good.” Hell, I prefer a mixed bag of stimulation myself– like what you get from triple area vibratorsrabbit vibes or by using the coital alignment technique.

Really though, why choose internal or external when you can have both? Bring it on! Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about!

Furthermore, some people with vaginas can climax without any direct stimulation of the clitoris or vaginal canal whatsoever! Boobgasms, anally induced orgasms and mouth orgasms are all possible and are all completely valid and legitimate ways to reach climax.

Get it anyway you can get it is my philosophy and I’m certainly not lacking in numbers when it comes to having orgasms, OK? Being so well-educated on female orgasms must contribute to my overall orgasm success rate, because after all, we all know the brain is the most powerful sex organ of all.

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