Lube Review: Pjur Eros BodyGlide Gel

Just how thick is Pjur Eros BodyGlide Gel? It’s thicker than a BBW’s booty.PJUREROSHEADER1

Originally, I scoffed at what I considered to be a high price– $19.95. I mean, I know of lots of toys I could get for less than $20. My mind quickly changed though, as I immediately noticed why the price is higher: much less volume of lube is needed to achieve sensuously slippery success.

I began to think of this lube as super concentrated Pjur. Advertised as being 30% thicker than Pjur Original BodyGlide, this stuff is so thick, it doesn’t even pour out of the 3.4 oz bottle as a liquid. It has to be squeezed with an audible, “Oomph!” out of the dobber cap, like a true gel should!


Eros Gel only contains these three hypoallergenic, pure silicone ingredients: dimethicone, dimethiconol and cyclomethicone. There is no fragrance or taste to speak of, which leaves the senses open to a more natural and intimate experience.

If there was a manual sex manual, Pjur Eros BodyGlide Gel would be featured on the front cover. It’s now my go-to lube for wanking. How come? It never dries up. Seriously. Less fumble, more fap! Less stick, more stroke! That’s what I’m talkin’ about!

You know what really comes in handy after a gelatinous silicone handy? Pjur Med Clean lube remover. And lots of it, as demonstrated by the various handprints emblazoning the scene of the sublime spanking session below.


Check out fabric cleaning tips in “Removing Lube Stains.”

Aside from the Hollywood Walk of Fame (a.k.a. my partner’s grey, hand-printed sheets), the Gel was pretty freaking incredible for handjobs. Good glide, great shine, and it didn’t absorb into the skin as quickly as Elbow Grease.

Plus, unlike most male masturbation creams and lotions, this stuff is pure silicone. I really dig this because a lot of products meant for jacking off are oil-based, which is very limiting in the event you want to slip on a latex condom. But rest-assured, Pjur Eros BodyGlide Gel is safe for use with all condom materials.

Speaking of which, my partner and I employed Pjur Eros BodyGlide Gel with a non-latex FC2 female condom, which is normally one of my favorite condoms for both vaginal and anal sex. Sadly though, the dense viscosity of the lube actually took away from the sensations we both normally feel while using an FC2, and we ended up switching back to hands-on lovin’ to deliver the final blows.

SpicyBuyNowTemplatePJUREROSGELOverall Rating: 5 Stars

Final Verdict:

When used for handjobs and anal insertion, Pjur Eros BodyGlide Gel is unbeatably thick, luxurious, long-lasting and will stay put even during shower or bath-time play. However, a thinner silicone formula, like ID Millennium, offers more sensitivity during vaginal penetration with a condom.

3 thoughts on “Lube Review: Pjur Eros BodyGlide Gel

  1. Hi I just want to write a few emails back and fourth with you guys/girls about the Lube review… I looked at your Astro Glide Diamond silicon gel and now Pjur Body Glide Gel… They seem to be pretty decent recommendations but I’m concerned that they leave stains on sheets and clothing… Could you please recommend the best lubricant which does not leaves stains for me please… Thanks from Dan

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    • Hi Dan! You are correct in assuming that those two lubricants leave stains behind. Sadly, silicone lubes do have this downfall. Sex toy cleaners will remove them, but it can be a hassle, for sure. Check out, “Removing Lube Stains,” for more tips on getting those stubborn ones out. If you’re trying to avoid stains, you’re going to have to go with a clear water-based lube instead, since these are water soluble and will come out in the wash. My personal recommendations are: Blossom Organics for vaginal sex and WET Uranus Water-Based for anal sex. They are both longer lasting than other water-based lubes and are less likely to become sticky, tacky or cause irritation or yeast infections. Plus, they’re both safe for use with condoms and sex toys. Score!


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