Best Flavored Lubes

Wondering which flavored lubes are the best? Look no further, because this highly palatable personal lubricant buying guide has the low down on which lubes deliver vine-fresh flavor and are the tastiest treats for your tongue.

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Citizens ‘Caine: The Truth about Delay Creams

Benzocaine and lidocaine are both topical anesthetics used by dentists (just like dental dams!) to numb the mouth during procedures. But they also have found a place in the sex industry as a way to numb certain parts of the body. But are they safe to use? Come on in and read The Spicy Gear Blog’s take on it.



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Using Sex Toys after Pregnancy

A while back, we talked about whether or not it was safe to use sex toys during pregnancy. But even after pregnancy, toys are a great way to take care of yourself. Better yet, they can even help you get back into being intimate with your partner. Whether you’re using them alone or having your partner use them on you, here’s a brief guide to using sex toys after giving birth.


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Five Best Anal Lubes and Sprays

Let’s face it: buttsex is great because everyone’s got a butt. But the key component to the best anal sex of your life, be it with a penis, some fingers, or some toys, is the lubricant.



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Best Lubes For Sensitive Skin

Like many folks out there, I have sensitive skin. Whenever anyone buys me fancy smelling soaps or lotions, they always go into my guest bathroom or risk being unused. Nope, it’s coconut oil and hydrocortisone for this girl. Even certain smells or foods can set my skin aflame, making it itch.

But I’m also a lubricant connoisseur. And over the years, I’ve come to discover what works for me best, and now I’d like to share that with those of you out there while also need a little more tender loving care when it comes to your skin.



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What’s The Best Lube For…

Every day, we get calls from health conscious lube connoisseurs who want to know what the best lube is for their certain situation. So we pulled our safer sexperts to ask what their favorite lubes were for the following events.

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What You Shouldn’t Masturbate With vs. What You Should

Look, friends. Sometimes, there’s just stuff out there you shouldn’t be sticking inside your body. Or rubbing on your junk. Masturbation is great, and you certainly don’t always need specially bought things to help you out. But sometimes? Sometimes, you should splurge. Because sometimes using whatever you find lying around the house is dangerous.

Here is a list of things we commonly hear about people masturbating with that they really shouldn’t. Following each listed item is something you can pick up at for a low, low price– much lower than going to the hospital, at least.

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Pick A Lube, Any Lube (Well, Not Any)

One of the problems many toy owners face is selecting the correct lube for their toys. If you’re new to the world of sex toys, the issue may not be apparent. But just like the Byrds said, to everything there is a season, and to every sex toy, there is a proper lube. After all, you need a little slip n’slide even when you’re just trying to cram it in there.


The blood of the Witch-King of Angmar does not make a good lube.

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