Product Review: Liquid V for Men

I reviewed Liquid V for Women recently and was surprised to find that it something of a milder WET wOw.


Liquid V for Men was exactly the same. Exactly.

It has the same menthol tingle as Liquid V for Women. It has the same ingredients, and should be mixed with the same types of silicone lubricant, like Astroglide X, for optimal pleasure. Remember, this isn’t a lube itself. It’s a stimulating gel, meant for drawing blood to the surface of the penis or clitoris, increasing sensitivity and pleasure. Mixing it with a lube will ensure that your condoms remain slick and intact, and your parts well-greased.

liquidvformenisbigger There’s only one tiny difference: it comes in a slightly larger bottle (1 fluid oz./30 mLs to Women’s 10 mLs).

Let’s take a look at those ingredients in this made-in-the-USA product, shall we?

DI Water, Propylene Glycol, L-Arginine, Menthol, Cellulose Thickener, Methylparaben, Propylparaben

Right away, I see some ingredients that concern me: methylparaben and propylparaben. Obviously, both are parabens, and while research has been a little inconclusive about whether or not they’re harmful, they’re still many feel the need to stay away from. So if they’re not for you, than neither is Liquid V for Men (or Women)

The other ingredients are pretty straight forward when it comes to a stimulating gel. You can find their exact uses on Condom Depot’s lube ingredients list. L-Arginine sticks out to me as something that might be considered unusual at first. It’s an amino acid after all. But it’s the main ingredient for making this stimulating gel so stimulating.

L-Arginine turns into nitric oxide in the body, which draws blood to the surface by opening blood vessels, causing flush and sensitivity when used on the genitals. While it’s more commonly used for muscle growth, it’s long been recommended for sexual dysfunction for clitorises and penises alike, but apparently it’s a much greater effect for erectile dysfunction.

I was not fond of the results that I had when using Liquid V for Women on myself– it made me too sensitive. However, my partner loved it, and for that reason, we decided to try it out by putting it on the inside of a condom he normally finds to be too thick for him to feel much stimulation through. It was a great way to heighten his sensation without sacrificing the condom. If you suffer from any type of erectile dysfunction while using a condom, Liquid V for Men (or Women) can really improve your experience while keeping you safe.

The bottle looks like a puff paint tube, which can make it super discreet for carrying around in a backpack or purse. The dispenser is something like an eyedropper, perfect for getting just a couple of drops wherever they need to fall. Remember, no matter where you’re putting it, a couple drops is all it takes.


Overall Rating: 3 Stars

Final Verdict:

Regardless of your genitalia, go with Liquid V for Men. The products are the exact same, but you get three times as much for only a couple bucks more. It’s both toy and condom safe, but the inclusion of parabens may make you second-guess putting it in or on your body.

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