Making Sex Toys: A Factory Tour

If you love sex toys enough, eventually you will begin to wonder who makes them and where they come from. Is there some sort of a magical dildo-sculpting fairy who furiously creates boatloads of dongs for our enjoyment? Or do youths in the third world spend their childhood hand-painting realistic veins on our double-sided dildos for pennies?


As it turns out, a lot of adult toys are made right here in the United States, by human adults, who are well paid for their artistic creations. Still skeptical? Take a virtual tour through these images and videos of the sex toy manufacturing process by one of my favorite sex toy companies, Doc Johnson.

I first became intrigued by sex toy production way back in 1998. I happened to catch an episode of Real Sex on my parent’s HBO account. It was season 1, episode 21 and it featured a full tour of America’s largest sex toy factory: Doc Johnson Enterprises. Located in California and housing over 500 employees, this family run business seemed like my kind of place, even back in the day. 

While I couldn’t dig up this awesome piece of TV history, I did snag this brief factory intro video from DOCTV. Enjoy the tour!




Founded in 1976 by Ron Braverman and now run by his son Chad Braverman (seen with Belladonna, porn star and Evil Angel director in the video below), this seemingly innocent looking factory facade actually churns out everything from i-Lube, to i-Rides, to Willie Wrappers to realistic vibrators to buttplugs galore.

One of the first companies to mold famous adult film stars, this niche has worked very well for them. Their most recent star to join the Doc Johnson family? Why, James Deen of course! Yo Doc, break me off a piece of that ginormous Johnson!


Crafting the Cocks, Cunts and Other Crazy Good Toys:

As someone who made a dildo out of a plaster mould and melted gummie bears in a 3-D design class at FSU, and another giant, rotating and sequined one out of paper mache as a disco-ball-esque stage prop for a punk band I toured with, I can appreciate the difficulty and intricacies involved in making realistic looking sex toys. If only I’d known about the Make Your Own Dildo Kit back then!


The good news is, with experts like these, there’s really no need to go to such lengths to get exactly what you want. Dildos for Size Queens? In stock. Bulbous, blushing boners? Got ’em. Uber-realistic vaginas? No worries, they make ’em and we’ve loaded up. In fact, with over 2,500 SKUs in production, it’s difficult to imagine not being able to find what you are looking for.


I gotta say, this image really floats my boat. I kinda want to dive into this cooling vat and start furiously finger banging all these virgin sex toys. Ya know, just to check out their elasticity.




My Bangs Need a Trim:

But, the fun doesn’t stop there! After the moulds have been poured and cooled, they need to be hand-trimmed for the smoothest and highest quality shape.


These freshly spiffied-up and super shiny anal plugs are a bit too mesmerizing. Snip, snip, snip… so seamless, smooth and slick! Can’t look away!



Decorating the Dongs, Dildos and Other Do-ables:

Then comes the ultimate accessory– flesh tones, veins and colorful details are meticulously added to every single toy. 


So pink! Now that’s an indication of some above-average blood flow (a.k.a. vasocongestion)!



The Single-File Sex Toy Parade:

These always-erect phalluses look so proud and upright on their journey from the painting facility to the packaging department.


Who knew that dildos could look so regal on their march to market?


Organizing the Work Load:

An alpha-numeric system is in place for ease of shelf storage and product retrieval. Do those decimals make you dewy?


Interesting numbered dildo spindles are used, the likes of which I’ve never seen elsewhere. You spin me right ’round, baby!



Packaged in Plastic for Your Pantin,’ Purchasin’ and Pushin’ Pleasure:

Once all the deeds are done, clean items are wrapped and made ready to delight even the dirtiest of customers.


Items are then shipped out to sex toy distributors, like Spicy Gear, in their full retail packaging– where they are finally ready to call your bedroom their forever home. Now that you’ve seen what a process it is to make these orgasm-giving objects, doesn’t it make you want to adopt a sex toy, like the 12″ Bendable Destroyer, today?


[Sources: IMDb, BoBushnell, DOCTV]

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