How-To: Sensory Deprivation Play

Why deprive the senses during sexy times? Well, when one or more senses are unable to perform their designated function(s), the ones left active are greatly enhanced. This leaves the person experiencing sensory deprivation play attuned to new, exciting and unique sensations.


Ultimately, deprivation is an alteration of the mind’s perception of the body and its surrounding environment. Losing the ability to perceive through one or more senses makes you focus on things you wouldn’t even notice or appreciate ordinarily. This heightened awareness creates a world of sensual delights during this transcendent, almost psychedelic adventure.


Real leather Pink Kink Kit by Spartacus.

Not sure how? Props and sex toys can certainly come in handy during sensory deprivation play, yet creativity, mutual trust and a willingness to explore new terrain are essential elements to a mind-blowingly good time. Hint: for maximum impact, play off of their dominant senses. But, as always, be sure to remember to, “Kink Safely with RACK,” to ensure everyone is on the same page, sexually.

2. Sense of Sight

Ever wonder why night clubs, concerts, bars and discotheques feel like they’re tinged with intoxicating eroticism?


The Sexy Slave Kit has restraints, blindfold and a pleasure feather.

Music plays a vital role (but we’ll get to that later) but even more important in creating an exotic eviron is the lighting. Or, lack of lighting. A simple colored bulb or sheer shirt thrown over a lampshade can make a normal scape seem like a fiery dungeon or an underwater paradise, simply by choosing red or blue.

Furthermore, lights out can be a change of pace for some lovers. For those who wear glasses or contacts, have them leave them off/out for increased vulnerability. For fully blocked vision, many folks prefer the comfort and ease of full eye masks, like the ones seen in these product images. However, a simple pair of tights or other soft fabric tied around the head is a quick substitute.

2. Sense of Touch


Adjustable and durable Sports Cuffs Wrist Restraints.

All tied up with nowhere to go? Nice! Show your lack of self-restraint with these high-quality, extremely hearty yet comfortable restraints and other epidermal delights!


Liquid Latex covers the skin, layer by layer.

Product Review: Maximum Impact Liquid Latex

Looking for a little or a lot of sensuously coated skin? Paint them a picture of your love and/or lust with this artistic sensory deprivation tool! For more ideas check out, “Five Ways to Dress Up Vaginas and Vulvas!”

wetheatedin (2)

Massage, flavored, scented and warming in one formula, WET Fun Flavors Heated Lotion.

Lube Review: WET Fun Flavors Heated Lotion

Warm up the night with this multipurpose, warming massage lotion! Rub it on, wait a minute and then blow onto the area to ignite the slathered bits in a warm glow of, “Whoa!”


Ready to go be in hog heaven? Try the Hog Tie Restraint Kit!

Happiest when you’re going hog wild? A full body restraint kit is just the ticket to trust, control and new power dynamics in the bedroom. Who will be doing the touching and who will be receiving? It’s up to you!

3. Sense of Smell


Sweet as pie Cherry Scented Anal Lube.

Lube Review: Cherry-Scented Anal Lube

Anal about anal lubes? This thick, water-based lube not only smells like a yummy cherry lollipop, it’s condom and sex toy safe as well. Cherry-scented pegging, anyone?


Luxuriously silky WET Inttimo Massage Oils.

Product Review: WET Inttimo Massage Oil

Massage oils, candles, perfume, cologne, lotions, incense, flowers, body spray, deodorant, leather, hair products, soap, bubble bath, essential oils, coconut oil… the list of olafactory-oriented treats you can implement into your bedroom strategy is nearly endless.


Spice it up with cinnamon Doc Johnson Anal Lube!

Lube Review: Doc Johnson’s Cinnamon Anal Lube

Use your imagination and cater to their favorite scents. Hint: is especially impactful when blindfolded.

4. Sense of Hearing

Turn down the volume on one sense and the volume gets turned up on another. Got any wireless bluetooth headphones or EarBuds? They’re good for more than a jog on the treadmill or tuning out the kids.


Ask your lover(s) to listen to the beat by putting earplugs or earmuffs on/in their ears and cutting their ears off from outside distractions. Be sure to pick music that suits the mood you’re trying to create (fast or slow) and be aware of volume.

5. Sense of Taste

Steer clear of using foods for fellatioanilingus and cunnilingus, as they can contain bacteria, fungus and sugars that aren’t good for the nether parts. Check out, “Best Flavored Lubes,” for our staff’s favorite flavored personal lubricants!


Glycerin and paraben-free WET Naturals Sensual Strawberry lube.

Lube Review: WET Naturals Sensual Strawberry

A nostalgic and comforting, mild strawberry flavor will have them lapping up this lube with a quickness. Lick it! Like they say, “When in Doubt, Eat Out!”


Flavors, tingles and warming all in one box ofDurex Play Assorted Temptations.

Lube Review: Durex Assorted Temptations

The ultimate in personal lubricant convenience is a box full of single use lubes, all made for specific and fun purposes. A must have for traveling with sex toys and lubricants. Also, contains an aloe lube for aftercare!


Lap up the deliciousness with WET Fun Flavors Personal Lubricants.

Lube Review: WET Fun Flavors

Available in large bottles and in travel packets for individual use, these tastebud-awakening flavored lubricants are the way to go for powerful palate-pleasing play.

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