Lube Review: Pjur Analyse Me! Anal Comfort Spray and Glide

I love spray products. I really, truly do. For an anal product, there’s no better way to apply them (unless it’s lube with a lube shooter). Just a little spray on your chocolate starfish and you’ll feel a nice minty freshness, but not an overwhelming numbness.



This spray doesn’t have benzocaine in it, unlike other anal products, but it does have some aloe barbadensis leaf juice. This isn’t going to numb you, which is good– we don’t support numbing agents in anal lubes because your body telling you something hurts is a good indicator to stop and slow down before your hurt yourself. The aloe barbadensis leaf juice is basically aloe vera juice.


Now, the aloe vera doesn’t numb like benzocaine. Instead, it has a smooth feeling to it, which makes it feel very soothing. So, if you happen to hurt during anal, this is going to soothe it, but not take away the pain completely. Withdraw your toy or your partner if that’s the case, and enjoy the soothing feeling of the aloe vera while you recover.

This spray smells like menthol. It reminds me of those old Mr. Sketch smelly markers. Talk about a smell out of childhood. But it’s going to keep things smelling fresh and clean back there, and the menthol gives it a surprisingly comforting tingle as well.



And as far as taste goes, I wouldn’t really recommend this product for oral play. The menthol comes off more bitter than minty, and it dries the spray up really quickly.

The product descriptions on the sheet inside list it as:

Unique anal comfort spray. Helps you enjoy the pleasures of anal intercourse.

  • With a desensitizing effect.
  • Panthenol and Aloe Vera increase sphincter elasticity ensuring carefree fun.
  • Nurtures the tissue by Aloe Vera
  • Latex condom safe

Now, this stuff isn’t lube on its own. It dries up far too quickly and can become very uncomfortable. Instead, you can use this spray with a silicone-based lube, like WET Uranus or Pjur’s Original Body Glide. Or, you can use it with it’s intended companion lube, Analyse Me Relaxing Anal Glide.


I’m a big fan of silicone lubes and I won’t use anything else for anal. This lube is slippery, comfortable, and it lasts for a long time when it’s being used for anal. The lube itself is really unobtrusive, so mixing it with the spray lets you feel the full effects of the spray but with all the pleasures of your favorite silicone-based lube.

The only pity is that the they aren’t sold in a two pack!


This spray felt nice. It doesn’t numb dangerously, and it lends a minty feeling to any anal excursions. But it shouldn’t be used without a lube, and the best lube to pair with it is the silicone-based Analyse Relaxing Anal Glide. I just wish they were sold together.


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