Lube Review: Pjur Aqua

I was all set to enjoy the heck out of Pjur Aqua. I love other Pjur brand lubes, especially their Original Bodyglide, and even their water-based Pjur Aqua Women has me pleasantly surprised.

But the regular, also water-based and aptly-named Aqua really didn’t do it for me. Like with all lubes I test out, I started with a small dab on my wrist to see if I was allergic. While I didn’t break out in hives, I did find it a irritating– strange to me, because lubes usually don’t make my hands itch like this.


This could be an issue of sensitive skin. Mine is famously sensitive, and anything sets if off. I decided to take a peek at the ingredients before putting it into my body and I’m pretty glad that I did.

Now, this lube has a lot of ingredients I’ve never heard of, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s bad. Remember, just because you haven’t heard of something doesn’t mean it’s unnatural or harmful. Do some research before making a judgement call– our friends over at Condom Depot have a compiled a list of the ingredients most often found in lubes and whether they are harmful or not.

In the case of this, it was an ingredient I knew a lot about that made me the most nervous. Pjur Aqua, like Pjur Aqua Women, has glycerin, which has been known to cause yeast infections in some women– myself included.

It also has benzyl alcohol. Now, as someone who has allergic reactions to the cetyl alcohol found in some sensitive skin-specific moisturizers, I was a little curious about this ingredient. Alcohol has a tendency to dry out the sky that it’s applied to. In some moisturizers, you could see this as a boon, since it prevents skin from getting too oily. In lube, I’m not so sure. Luckily, it is one of the ingredients towards the bottom of the list, meaning there isn’t a lot of it in this product.

Pjur Aqua does have a slight taste to it– not a bad one, actually. It’s almost like a very neutral, gentle citrus. If you use it for oral sex, you won’t be turned off by the taste, and you certainly won’t miss your partner’s natural deliciousness. In fact, it tastes a lot like Probe Thick and Rich, which is well-known for its citrus flavor.


Like Pjur Aqua Woman, this comes with the sort of dispenser that I like to call, “The Bingo Dobber.” It makes applying super easy– you don’t even have to pour it on your hand, you can just rub it gently on the genitalia of your choosing!

And such a smooth applicator may have even ensured that the Aqua didn’t get tacky, like many water-based lubes do. It actually left my skin feeling super soft, much like the Pjur Aqua Women. The irritation from the benzyl alcohol vanished pretty quickly.

And my partner, for his part, did enjoy the lube. He found that he had no irritation, and like the silky feeling it left on his skin. However, he did find himself constantly reapplying, making this 100 ML/3.4 fl. oz. bottle seem quite a bit smaller than intended. This trait was also shared with Pjur BodyGlide Woman. Due to it drying so quickly on a simple handjob, we didn’t even consider it for anal. Even though this lube is toy-safe, even using it on anal toys might make it absorb too quickly. Consider looking at our list of Best Anal Lubes instead.


Overall Rating: 2 Stars

Final Verdict:

Pjur Aqua is OK for handjobs, but if you have sensitive skin, keep it away from your vagina. Your mileage may vary (some of our customer reviewers swear by it!) but in my personal opinion, paying the couple extra bucks for the Original Bodyglide of comparable size will open up your options and provide a much better experience.

What are Spicy Gear customers saying?

stars-1This is a terrible product. It evaporates in about a minute and leaves a sticky residue. –Don, Baltimore MD

stars-5I have been using this product for 2 years now, and will never switch to other brand! It’s water based, not sticky, and so easy to clean! — Jason, Boston MA

stars-5 This is the best lube I have ever used! Best for anal sex! — Rock, Boston MA

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