Lube Review: Blossom Organics

I love natural lubricants. For the most part, they seem to treat my vagina a lot nicer than some of those all-too-common pharmacy brands. You may remember my love affair with the WET Naturals products, for instance, including Silky Supreme (silicone-based), Sensual Strawberry (flavored), and Beautifully Bare (water-based).



Blossom Organics is specifically formulated for women who have trouble with vaginal dryness during sex. And it works. This is one of the number one recommended lube on the market for menopausal women.

We carry Blossom Organics in a 2.5 oz squeeze tube, not unlike your favorite hand moisturizer from Bath and Body Works. While I like some application designs better, this one gets the job done pretty well, and keeping it standing on its head will keep your lube flowing until the last drop. We also carry it in 1 oz. and 4 oz. bottles as well as travel-sized 3ml sized lube foils (sorry, they’re only available in a quantity of 144 pieces).

All of their products are considered to be aloe-based, not water-based. Aloe-based lubes aren’t one that you see on the market a whole lot for some reason– they don’t seem to be as popular as water or silicone. However, they really should be. Personally, I prefer them to water-based lubes because they don’t get tacky. They feel like an excellent moisturizer, even after some vigorous friction.

For my sensitive skin, aloe-based lubes feel better, last longer, and are more comfortable. Because of that cooling effect aloe has, I even like to use them during anal, while I would never use a water-based lube for anything going up my butt. This also means that they are both condom and toy-safe.


This lube has almost no smell, as well as a slightly sweet taste to it which wouldn’t make me opposed to using it for oral sex. In particular, since it is so vagina-friendly, this lube would be perfect for cunnilingus. It’s not overwhelming, it will still let you taste her (if you enjoy that), but it can provide a slightly sweet edge.


It’s hard to trust in a product to be certifiably organic, especially since that seems to be the hip label to put on all the lubes recently. But Blossom Organics is truly organic. Per their site:

“Organic” marketing claims ARE regulated by both the State of California and the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The CALIFORNIA ORGANIC PRODUCTS ACT – COPA 2003 prohibits the retail sale of any cosmetic product labeled as “organic” unless that product meets the criteria of 70% organic content, excluding water and extracts. What does this mean? If you are reading a product ingredient listing, the first ingredient cannot be water or propylene glycol. The first ingredient MUST be certified organic which would make your lubricant mostly organic ingredients; not just a small amount of aloe or a few botanical extracts. Each organic ingredient also must meet the strict USDA NATIONAL ORGANIC PROGRAM guidelines and be certified by a USDA approved agency. Naturally pure, organic ingredients are the mindful choice for healthy well-being and Blossom Organics is formulated to meet these strict organic regulations.

Normally, I do a run-down of all the ingredients in each lube I review. But Blossom Organics was nice enough to have this on their website. They also have a lot of information on vagina-safe lubes that I would recommend checking out, although do take it with a grain of salt since this they are obviously trying to sell their product.

If you’re looking for the short list, though, know that it is free of alcohol, glycerin, silicones, parabens, petrochemicals, dyes, artificial fragrances, and flavorings.

Final Verdict:

If you’re wary of silicone, but you want to avoid water-based lubes, I’d really recommend giving Blossom Organics a go. The aloe in the product will leave you feeling refreshed, comfortable, and best of all, moist. This lube is both condom and toy-safe.

Overall Rating: 4 Stars

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