Toy Cleaner Review: Pjur Med Clean

I was surprised to see that Pjur Med Clean could be used not only to clean toys, but also to clean yourself after sex. So if you’re tired of sticky residue from bodily fluids or lubes (looking at you, tacky water-based lubes), this may be your solution (pun woefully intended).


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Toy Cleaner Review: WET Keep it Clean

Other than using condoms to extend the life of your sex toys as talked about in, “How to Keep Your Sex Toy Like New,” using a sex toy cleaner like WET Keep it Clean is the best bet for staying safer while using sex toys.wetcleanfeatured1

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Lube Reviews: WET Uranus

Many companies tote their own anal lubes, but none have a better name than WET Uranus. Sorry– you tried, Analyse Me! by Pjur. But did this lube make us here at the Spicy Gear Blog go interplanetary? You’ll just have to read on to see!


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Kink Safely with RACK

RACK, or risk-aware consensual kink, is a system of steps which were collectively created by the kink community so everyone involved can more safely explore and experiment with fetishism, dark erotic fantasies or BDSM acts outside of whatever may be considered their normal routine.RACKfeaturedLOGO

The acronym RACK breaks down into these defining elements:

  • Risk-Aware: any and all participants are well-informed and are made fully aware of any possible risks involved in taking part.
  • Consensual: despite these inherent risks, everyone has (in clear conscience) given preliminary consent to partake in said act.
  • Kink: a sex act consisting of a non-mainstream, fetish-based or out-of-the-ordinary activity.

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Lube Review: K-Y UltraGel

K-Y UltraGel personal lubricant starts off like a decent water-based lube. It’s chill, it’s moist, and it’s comfy. But then something terrible happens: it dries up.


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XX Orgasms: Internal vs. External

Which is better, a clitoral orgasm or a vaginal orgasm? Or, is each source of sexual pleasure equally as good as the next one? Let’s find out!


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