Male Masturbators: An Introduction

Since the beginning of time, men have been finding weird things to stick their penises in. Modern men are lucky– because we here at Spicy Gear have a whole line of toys just for them!




Unlike the dildo and the vibrator, there’s not much of a documented history for male masturbatory aids. Although, we’re sure that it’s out there. The first nudie pics started showing up on cave walls around the same time as the first dildos started appearing, so you know dudes had no trouble securing wanking material. And art work of men masturbating has been around since time immemorial.

I mean, the first two questions any inventor worth their salt asks are, “How can I market this?” and, “How can I have sex with this?” But the truth is, we have a better recorded history of devices that kept men from masturbating, like chastity belts and cages. Many of these items began their history as a way to punish those who have sinful thoughts, or prevent them from sinning further. Now, perhaps ironically, they’re used often in the fetish and BDSM communities as a method of control.

Sex dolls, on the other hand, have been made with artificial vaginas since at least the 1700s, when they were sold to sailors partaking in particularly long journeys. An account in the early 1900’s even describes one made of rubber that could secrete an oil out of the vagina via a series of tubes.


Use and Care


More often than not, many male masturbators are made of latex or CyberSkin. Both are porous materials, so these toys should not be used with partners unless a condom is used because they are impossible to get 100% clean.

CyberSkin is not recommended to be used with silicone-based lube, although you can test it by doing a small spot test on the base of your toy. Using somewhere that you won’t have intimate contact with (i.e. the outside or the handle), apply just a dab of lube and give it a few minutes to see if the material melts or begins to smell. If it does, it’s not safe for silicone lube.

Apply some water-based lube to your penis or to the inside of the toy using your fingers. Then, go to town in whatever way feels best to you. Some toys come with holders or suction bases so you can stick them somewhere and hump to your heart’s delight. If that doesn’t work, you can always fold a pillow in half and stick the toy between the folds to hold it in place.

When you’re finished, you’ll need to clean out the toy. Some are able to open and be washed out, but others may cause some trouble. Using a toy cleaner like that from the Berman Center, or using soap and water, can be aided through the use of a douche to flush out anything unwanted. In the case of these toys, you can also use a condom to keep your toy pristine.




Pocket Pussies: One of the more common types of male masturbators, pocket pussy is something of an all-encompassing term. They are different from realistic vaginas in that they don’t always look like vaginas and they often will only include one hole (whereas realistic vaginas can include both the anus and the vagina). While a little more fantastical than more realistic toys, these toys are often very beautiful– like our Mermaid Masturbator.


Fleshlights: Invented in 1998, this new wave of pocket pussy has been immensely popular. They are, and have been for ages, the #1 best-selling sex toy for men in the world, no doubt due to the patented Reel Feel Superskin material of the inside of the Fleshlight, and the compact and discreet form. These toys come molded to look and feel like all your favorite porn stars– ours is Jenna Haze!


Penis Pumps: Penis pumps are usually used for erectile enhancement. Like an erection ring, they can be used to enhance the hardness of the penis by trapping blood inside of it. Penis pumps can be used to masturbate with, just like any other male masturbatory device, although you may find them to be slightly less comfortable than toys made of CyberSkin or latex. Most are made of plastic and rubber. Some toys, like the Power Piston, are a sort of combination between a pocket pussy and a penis pump– they will give you that extra hardness, but they look and feel like a vagina for some extra sexiness.


Realistic Vaginas: The difference between these and other male masturbators is that they actually look like vaginas– and often times, a little bit more. They will often include a vulva and anus at the very least, but can even extend out to the thighs and the buttocks. These toys are usually made of hyper-realistic CyberSkin or latex. Read up on how to make sure your toy is made of safe materials here. One of our favorites, Tera Patrick’s Realistic Love Doll, even comes with a vibrating egg for extra sensation.

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