Lube Review: K-Y Warming Jelly

Are you a lube connoisseur who runs cold, has no problem with candida, and you’re looking hottest ticket around? Turn up the thermostat to soaring temperatures by steeping in this hot-as-the-Serengeti and sugary-as-soda K-Y Warming Jelly lubricant!

Also called K-Y Warming Gelee, this formula is as thick as WET Gellee but with an added heat more akin to Doc Johnson’s Cinnamon Anal Lube. But unlike those two lubricants, K-Y Warming Jelly is labeled to be safe for use with latex condoms, but NOT with non-latex materials.

It’s also not safe for ingestion, so keep this stuff out of your or anyone else’s mouth. Strangely enough there is also a specific warning to keep this warming lube out of your ears, so no gently warming wet willies guys, sorry.

So, you think you’re ready to put some warm poutine to your routine, eh? K-Y Warming Jelly is made by Canucks But, here in July in Florida, we’re all sweltering and wet without the assistance of  lube manufacturer‘s turning up the heat, like my experience with WET Fun Flavors Heated Lotion.

The front of the tangerine tube says this personal lubricant is responsible for a, “Gentle warming sensation…” which, “…protects against discomfort during intimacy.” Yet, when you read the fine print on the back, it states, “If irritation or discomfort occurs, discontinue use and consult a doctor.”

Huh? What is this– a sike out by K-Y? Does this stuff prevent or promote discomfort? Guess there’s only one way to find out…

I opted for the 2.5oz flip-cap style bottle for the current price of $7.99, but there’s also a larger 5oz bottle available. It opens easily, squirts out with ease and only requires one hand for (re)application. As usual, I used my Don Wands Glass Wand for this lube trial, in hopes of some solo temperature play action.

That is, until my masturbatory hopes were dashed. When I checked out the lube ingredients, I simply couldn’t justify the candida risk, and refused to put this stuff into my system via the vaginal canal.

Ingredients: Propylene Glycol, PEG-8, Hydroxypropylcellulose, Tocopherol

Yikes. Talk about a yeast infection buffet. It’s fungus feeding time! This stuff is basically: sugar, a sugary solvent, even more sugar and a dash of chemical vitamin E. Like WET Synergy + Warming lube, I certainly wouldn’t recommend this lube for anyone who has lube allergies or sensitive skin.


Overall Rating: 1 Star

Final Verdict:

K-Y Warming Jelly is a disappointing, sugar-filled formula. It’s lovely thickness, low-cost and easy-application bottle are largely overshadowed by ingredients more well-suited for a snicker-doodle recipe than a candida-prone coochy.

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