Adult Films For Women?

Whether it’s bashing or championing the Duke porn star, sex addiction via adult films, or revenge porn, women have a complicated relationship with pornography. And it isn’t hard to see why– it wasn’t originally made for us, or by us, and yet we and our bodies were the product that it was selling.



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Our Spiciest Toys For Couples

Now that you’ve learned the best way to introduce your partner to your toy box, you’re going to need some new additions. Below, in no particular order, are our favorite products for couples, ranging from the pretty vanilla to the super kinky.

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Five Myths and Facts About Virginity


The first time I had sex, there was no blood. It wasn’t painful, either. In fact, it was pretty damn fantastic, but I was super freaked out because, contrary to everything I’d ever heard about how my first time was going to go, my hymen didn’t break.

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