Sex Sells: The Best Adult Commercials

This ad hit the airwaves sometime last week and caused a bit of a stir:

We here at Spicy Gear think it makes a very poignant message about gun safety and the humor makes it a great conversation starter. Some have decried it as trying to make women feel ashamed of using sex toys, but we think it shows that all women can have vibrators or dildos– and it’s totally cool if they don’t want their kids to find them.

Here are some other videos that make poignant messages using sex. Some are particularly poignant, and some are just plain silly. Enjoy!

Did you know condoms come in sizes? A lot of people don’t. This ad is great because not only does it show a, uh, very open conversation about sex, and more importantly, safe sex. These gorgeous Australians know that safe sex isn’t just one partner’s responsibility: everyone is responsible for safe sex. In this video, the female partner’s opinion is treated as just as relevant as the male’s, leading them to find the perfect match.

Check out our brother site, Condom Depot, for all the information you need to know about condom sizes, including their world famous condom size chart.

Sometimes, the most important part of your home is having it be somewhere where you feel most comfortable. For those of us who have gotten noise complaints for our marathon love-making sessions, the freedom to scream at the top of our lungs in ecstasy (perhaps while using a Trojan Magnum Ecstasy) is the most important part of an apartment search. Go you, brave apartment-finder. You’re not ashamed to get what you want and we admire that.

I like to picture this ad as the prequel to the previous commercial. Privacy is a big deal when it comes to your sexual health and privacy while masturbating seems even more so important. This is me time, it’s healthy, it feels great, and it’s time for me to relax and enjoy my body. Sorry Granny.

We love this commercial! Not only does it show an assortment of positions, but it also shows a positive threesome experience– albeit, with condom balloon animals. But you get the picture. Make sure you’re safe in all your sexual adventures– and while you’re at it, check out our favorite Durex condoms.

Women can have crazy nights out (or in) and still have a functioning day life? Who knew! Ikea has the best (and often times, dirtiest) commercials out there, and we love this one because it shows that women are multi-faceted creatures. You don’t have to sacrifice a part of yourself to experience sexual freedom. Thanks Ikea!

Way to be inventive, KY patrons! What creative uses for lube have you come up with?

As someone who spills everything, this ad is my life. And it’s pretty accurate. Pjur lubes have a great gooping quality to them which means they’ll slip and slide during the action, but not when you’re applying. Our favorite is their Original Aqua. Perfect for toys and bodies alike! Find out how to know if your lube is toy safe!

At least mother and daughter have something in common! Check out our list of things you shouldn’t masturbate with to see why this ad was a great idea, then grab your Magic Wand and be grateful that your days with the old cucumber are over.


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