Making Sex Toys: A Factory Tour

If you love sex toys enough, eventually you will begin to wonder who makes them and where they come from. Is there some sort of a magical dildo-sculpting fairy who furiously creates boatloads of dongs for our enjoyment? Or do youths in the third world spend their childhood hand-painting realistic veins on our double-sided dildos for pennies?


As it turns out, a lot of adult toys are made right here in the United States, by human adults, who are well paid for their artistic creations. Still skeptical? Take a virtual tour through these images and videos of the sex toy manufacturing process by one of my favorite sex toy companies, Doc Johnson.

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The 5 Best Dildos for Size Queens

Here at Spicy Gear, we love toys and genitals of all shapes and sizes– and don’t consider one size to be better than another. That being said, sexually satisfying a size queen can certainly take some extra oomph in the size department. Never fear, lovers of ample proportions and immense insertables– we’ve made it super easy on you by vanquishing the puny contenders and selecting the top five best dildos for size queens:

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