Lube Review: Doc Johnson’s Cinnamon Anal Lube

Cinnamon is a very popular flavor for anal lubes, second only to cherry. The reason is that it has such a strong taste and smell, it can easily overwhelm any perfectly natural booty stank that may attach itself to even the cleanliest of booties. Doc Johnson’s Cinnamon Anal Lube is one such lube, and I’ll admit, my butt did pucker a little at the idea of reviewing it.


Like cinnamon candy, cinnamon-flavored lubes have a tendency to burn the skin. It’s meant to be a delightful tingle, like what you’d find in WET Synergy + Cool Tingle, but that’s not exactly what it feels like. This lube made my cinnamon bun feel a little burnt by the time we were done with it. While the smell and the taste were especially nice, it really made me give second thought to putting it in my body.

And depending on your safer sex routine, you may want to be careful about using this lube in your body, too. Take a look at the ingredients:

Petrolatum, Octyldodecanol, Nonoxynol-15, Artificial Flavor

Now, we’re definitely not a fan of nonoxynol-9, an ingredient most commonly found in spermicides that can cause micro tears and other pains. But the good news it that nonoxynol-9 and nonoxynol-15 are not the same ingredient. In fact, nonoxynol-15 is just used to dissolve other ingredients and is made of completely different ingredients. It’s widely considered to be a safe lubricant ingredient.

Octyldodecanol is also considered to be safe, as an emulsifier, which means that it’s used to keep the ingredients from separating out from one another.mePGbS0

And another positive thing? This lube doesn’t come with benzocaine or lidocaine, which is a super popular ingredient in many anal lubes. That’s right, there’s no numbing agent in this lube, which is good– numbing creams make it difficult to tell when you’re in pain. But you can become seriously injured when you can’t feel pain back there, and that opens you up to all kinds of infections and other problems. We don’t recommend it.

Now, there is one ingredient that you should be concerned about: petrolatum. If that name sounds familiar to you, that’s because it’s another name for petroleum jelly. Also known as vaseline. And as we know, vaseline come from an oil base. What does that mean?mHbabG2

Ding ding ding! That’s right. This lube is NOT safe for latex and polyisoprene condoms (like our LifeStyles SKYN). It will wear them down and make them perfectly ineffective. Lambskin condoms, of course, shouldn’t be used for anal sex since they are only good at preventing pregnancy and not STDs or STIs. This also means that this lube shouldn’t be used with latex toys, if you have any of those. If you aren’t sure what your toy is made of, make sure to do a spot test.

Still, there is one thing that I really like about this lube: it’s the bottle. It’s not discreet in the least bit. It says, in giant letters, “ANAL LUBE,” which I personally think is awesome. However, plenty of people out there might be turned off by the lack of discretion. While Spicy Gear may ship your order completely discreetly, you’ll have to make some serious duct tape modifications if you want to hide this from prying eyes.

This 6 oz. bottle, however, has a very handy pump top, which makes it perfect for the bedside table. I wish more lubes came like this, because the last thing you need is to have a lube bottle rolling around the bed. With your lube-y hands. Getting lube everywhere. Not cool.


Overall Rating: 2 stars

Final Verdict:

Not condom safe? A burning cinnamon bun? Sorry, Doc Johnson. I’m not super comfortable touting your Cinnamon Anal Lube. Next time I want something warm and tingly, I’ll just go with a warming hybrid lube, like WET Synergy + Warming.

What are Spicy Gear customers saying?

stars-1 Absolute garbage. It starts from the packaging which looks so shady and tacky. The thick paste actually burns when used anally and my wife’s response was to throw the bottle into the nearest trash container. Enough said. Stick to the more expensive brands like Wet, etc. You get what you pay for especially in this case. Annon – Fresno, CA
stars-4 The unflavored one works well. It does not burn and has good thick consistency, and made both of us happy M. – MA

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