Product Review: Don Wands Glass Wand Jade/White Helix

Don Juan doesn’t hold a candle to this incredibly pretty Don Wands Glass Wand. The mesmerizing DNA-like jade and white swirling helix, the medical-grade Pyrex material, the realistic size and shape of the shaft and head, the proportional dimensions and the ultra-smooth finish… my oh my! I’m getting a bit worked up just thinking about all of its yummy features.


OK, in an effort to give full disclosure, I have a confession.

Two weeks ago, during an epic orgasm with my tried-and-true, trusty glass dildo from days of yore, I had an unfortunate incident. My pelvic floor contracted so intensely and suddenly, I unintentionally launched my beautiful glass friend in a soaring arc clear across the room. I helplessly watched it fly out of me, in slow motion, saying “Noooooo!” all the while, until it crash landed and promptly shattered on my hard tile floor.

This is not how to keep your sex toys like new.

Devastated, and feeling embarrassed that my recent kegel exercises led to having a super-powered vagina capable of mass destruction, I was suddenly at a loss as to how to fill this new glass toy-less life. After a few long and lonely nights passed by without having a rock-hard glass dildo to rely on for release, I finally brought my crazy dilemma up to Spicy Gear owner, Kim Fidi, in an effort to get a discount on a replacement. Her response?

“Just pick one out from the warehouse! You’re so funny.”

After browsing through our expansive warehouse, I confidently chose the Don Wands Glass Wand Jade/White Helix to be my new inanimate lover. It was lust at first sight. I took it home, slathered on some hypoallergenic Pjur Man Basic lube and abracadabra! With a few expert flicks of my wrist, poof! Multiple orgasms. Now that’s my kind of wand.

As someone who is concerned with things like toxic toys, phthalates, porous materials and keeping myself free from bacterial vaginosis and other transmissible pathogens, glass toys have long been a favorite of mine. In fact, thinking back, I’ve had a 15 year love affair with realistically shaped glass toys. This is my longest relationship ever. No wonder I am passionate about this glass toy topic!

Since this Don Wand Glass Wand is made from medical-grade borosilicate glass (a.k.a. Pyrex– the same material found in bakeware), it can be boiled, frozen, put into the dishwasher and used underwater and with any kind of body-safe lube. 100% Pyrex toys are one of the few toy materials in which you can potentially share with a partner.


As you can see, color and size of internal helix decoration varies from wand to wand.

The slight, gentle curve is ideal for shallower vaginal G-Spot stimulation, or for those size queens (hey, it takes one to know one) out there, deeper cervical A-Spot massage. After my third orgasm, I was able to penetrate this toy to the base, an event I was quite proud of.

Butt, for prostate play with the G-Spot, be cautious as the base of the toy isn’t flared enough to make me comfortable with it for handheld anal insertion. But it is flared enough for use with an o-ring harness for pegging or for strap-on fun with vaginal entry.

Since I’m so into size, I went ahead and measured this glass dildo even before I planned on reviewing this dong. Without the base included in the specs, its measurements are 7″ x 4.75″ (177.8mm x 120.65mm), but remember these are handmade items so the size may vary slightly.

Read up on why you shouldn’t use handmade sex toys from unregulated artisans instead using ones from regulated sex toy factories.

My only teeny tiny complaint would be the slim girth, which I didn’t see as a problem at first, but after my vaginal canal ballooned out from excitement, it seemed a tad lacking in the girth department. Nonetheless, I still know exactly where my next orgasm is coming from. Can you honestly say the same?


Overall Rating: 5 Stars

Final Verdict:

Total toy satisfaction. For those who need that above-average-sized dildo, love temperature play, and are concerned with body-safe sex toys there is no better option than Don Wands Glass Wand Jade/White Helix.

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