Natural Ways to Treat Vaginal Odor

Can’t take the stank? Feeling less than fresh? Like it or not, we’ve all experienced our own or someone else’s offensive vaginal at one time or another. But, why does this happen and how can it be treated naturally?


Why do vaginas insist on being so odorific? A healthy vagina has a distinct scent, that’s a given. The various menstrual fluids, mucous discharges and flora in vaginas mix together to create a unique smell that varies in strength throughout each monthly cycle.

Sure, it can be super tempting to used perfumed feminine care products, like deodorants, scented tampons, douches, wipes, scented toilet paper and cleansing washes. But, while they can fix the problem at the time, these products have no longterm benefits and can actually cause harm over time because they often contain harsh chemicals and sugars.

Plus, emitting a strong, unpleasant stench can be the body’s only way of telling you something is off. Whether you have bacterial vaginosis, chlamydia, gonorrhea or another type of vaginal malady, there will be odor, and lots of it. Basically, this is the genital’s way of saying, “Get me tested right away!”

But, as long as you’ve been tested recently for STDs/STIs and you regularly practice safer sex by using dental dams, condoms and keeping your porous sex toys all to yourself, you can reduce or eliminating vaginal odor the vagina-safe, chemical-free and natural way!

Treatment Methods:

Wash It!

The most obvious, and yet somehow the most often overlooked, reason for vaginal odor stems from a build up of smegma or improper wiping techniques (come on folks, it’s always front to back). Some people find that keeping pubic hair trimmed, waxed or shaved makes it easier to stay clean after urination and elimination.

The solution? Warm water. That’s it. Using one clean hand to spread the labia apart, retract the hood of clitoris with the other in order to gently wash away the surrounding smegma deposits. Use a mirror as needed. This should be done once or twice a day– everyday– to increase vaginal health and reduce vaginal odor.

The best part? It takes under 5 minutes. No time for a shower? No worries. A sink will do just fine. Plus the only cost is running water and electricity.

Choose Underwear & Clothing Wisely (Musty Smell)

Ever leave your wet clothes in a washer or drier in a warm climate for so long that they start releasing fetid fumes? Wetness + heat can create the perfect environment for rancid and swampy smells to fester.

What do sexy satin thongs, compression shorts, polyester fashion tights and faux leather leggings all have in common? No air flow to the vagina! There is a reason skirts are traditional wear for those with vaginas– the breeze can enter them and effectively air out the hottest and wettest place on the human body.

Are skirts and loose cotton underwear not your thing? No problem. There are other ways to get fresh air to where it needs to go. Try sleeping in the buff (or in a t-shirt/nightgown), going commando, wearing just a robe around the house, alternating breathable fabrics with non-breathable fabrics and/or switching to less constrictive workout clothes.

Look for these breathable fabrics (100%, not blends, are best):

  • cotton
  • linen
  • denim
  • hemp

Change in Lifestyle Habits (Bitter Smell)

Are you ripe or are you ready to eat, or just ripe? Drinking, smoking, eating red meat– it’s all good, right? Sure! Except, all of these lifestyles choices can lead to a reeking nether region. Sorry, Ron.

The main culprit of alcohol, meat and cigarettes causing a more pungent and occasionally noxious vaginal odor doesn’t stem from any ingredients or chemical reactions from consuming these delicious items, but rather from a general lack of hydration. Without adequate water consumption, which needs to be upped in the face of these drying substances, the vagina can’t flush itself out, so to speak.

If you choose to continue on a puffing, chugging and meat scarfing rampage, please be my guest. Just be sure to follow the first two steps very carefully and religiously up the water intake to keep the rancidness at bay.

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