Best Rabbit Vibes

The most highly coveted and most popular of all sex toys are rabbit vibrators. Why? Because they’re simply adorable and they simultaneously stimulate the G-Spot, A-Spot, U-Spot and the clitoris. What’s not to like about that?

jessica rabbit

Like other dildos and dongs, rabbit vibrators come in a wide range of sizes, prices, shapes, colors and materials. Therefore, it can be extremely difficult to narrow down which of the hundreds of rabbits out there are made to suit your particular fancy.

This overwhelming amount of rabbit vibes prompted me to create this best rabbit vibes buying guide. Read on to discover which of Spicy Gears’s rabbit vibrators made the cut and made me want to breed like a rabbit on espresso!

SpicyGearLogoBest Penetrative Rabbit Vibes:

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Original Jack Rabbit Vibrator


Current Cost: $32.99

I used my first rabbit vibrator in college, and it was a life-changer. This is that vibrator, the Original Jack Rabbit. Often imitated, but never completely duplicated, this is the innovative product that began the ravenous rabbit consumption craze in the 90s.

iVibe Wireless Rabbit


Current Cost: $111.99

If you want a fancier rabbit, with a wireless remote that has a digital display, look no further than the iVibe Rabbit. This phthalate-free vibe has metal beads for light temperature play and the advanced motorization allows for individual control of the bunny’s movements and the shaft’s vibration, for that ever-customizable experience.

Dream Maker Lunar Rabbit


Current Cost: $69.99

Ready for a rabbit vibe that really lights up the night? The Dream Maker Lunar Rabbit has a gorgeous multi-colored light display that illuminates the naughty bits in a discotheque fashion. This product is a wild party in and of itself, and it’s always ready to spring into action whenever you are.

Wireless Strap On Bunny

wirelessstraponbunny-lg Current Cost: $22.99

We all love hands-free masturbation, and this is precisely what the Wireless Strap On Bunny has to offer. Like a cross between a Sybian Sex Machine and a traditional rabbit vibrator, you can hop on and ride this hands-free rabbit vibe whenever the mood strikes.

Pure Red Silicone


Current Cost: $44.99

Perfect for those with a latex allergy, the Pure Red Silicone rabbit is a non-porous alternative to jelly rabbits. It’s fully waterproof, but just be careful when using personal lubricants, as silicone lube and silicone toys don’t play nicely together and can cause damage to your toy.


Best Non-Penetrative Rabbit Vibes:

Want to try your new rabbit as soon as you get it? For the ultimate in convenience, add batteries to your cart!

Rabbit Finger Vibe


Current Cost: $17.99

This Rabbit Finger Vibe will have you shimmying your cute cottontail in no time flat. It’s stretchy enough to accommodate a variety of finger sizes and can easily be used for manual sex with your partner or for masturbation. Remote control allows for variation in speed.

Rabbit Keychain Vibe


Current Cost: $9.99

An inexpensive and fun gift for you or your lover, this little portable Rabbit Keychain Vibe is suitable for traveling, sleepovers and for any spontaneous and ultra discreet trip to O town. Great for bachelorette parties and for use as party favors!

Reckless Rabbit


Current Cost: $15.99

Turn your partner or favorite non-rabbit dildo into a rabbit vibe with this dandy little Reckless Rabbit! Complete with those ears that rub clits the right way and a bunny tail nub for additional outer anal region contact. This vibrating cock ring traps blood flow for a longer lasting erection, comes with remote control and can be used with or without the protection of a condom.

Rabbit Wiggle Wand


Current Cost: $14.95

Abracadabra! Now you really can pull a rabbit out of a hat, with the Rabbit Wiggle Wand. This flexible wand is intended for clitoral stimulation, but the wand makes it a cinch to reach other nerve-rich places as well, like the nipples and anus. Instant sexual satisfaction, ta da!

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