How To: (Safely) Suppress the Gag Reflex

The enemy of every blow job-lover seems to be the nefarious gag reflex. I feel like every day, someone has an entirely new idea on how to suppress that handy little spasm that prevents us from choking.



The gag reflex is also called the pharyngeal reflex. And it’s not just caused when the throat is irritated. It can also be caused by the back of the tongue, the tonsils, or even the roof of your mouth. It mostly just depends on where you are sensitive.

As many as one third of people don’t even have a gag reflex. But for those of us who do, how do we give a satisfying blow job without that so unsexy cough (and potential vomit)?

Without further ado, here are some of our favorite ways to suppress the gag reflex!

1. Oral gel (or other numbing agents)


Once upon a time, I did a review of PJur Anaylse Me! Anal Spray  (read the review here!) and for part of that, I sprayed that delightful little spray in my mouth to judge the taste. I learned two things from that: it actually tasted pretty good, and it numbed the ever-living daylights out of my mouth.

A lot of sites suggest using Oragel for numbing your mouth, and while I confess I’ve never tried that, the Analyse Me! Anal Spray could work just as well for oral as with anal. And it doesn’t even taste that bad. Aim it for the back of your throat and try not to get it all over you lips or tongue.

You will also want to beware of getting this on your partner’s penis, since it could numb their junk and make it difficult for them to orgasm.

2. Thumb Trick

Image via Lifehacks.

Image via Lifehacks.

The story goes, you make a fist and put your thumb in it. You then squeeze your thumb tightly in your fist and voila! No gag reflex!

I decided to give this one a go and surprisingly– it actually kind of worked. Kind of. I don’t think there was any mysterious pressure point business going on or anything, but I think that by focusing on squeezing my thumb, I wasn’t to worried about my gag reflex and it didn’t seem to be such a big issue, in the same way that people seem to think listening to music distracts you enough to not gag. Use with precaution!

3. Practice with a toothbrush.

Photo via rgbstock.

Photo via rgbstock.

This is the one that I am the most wary about because it’s the one that’s most likely to end in injury. While a toothbrush does belong in your mouth (as opposed to other objects what people have recommended), intentionally gagging yourself can be a little dangerous, so do this at your own risk.

The method seems to be desensitizing yourself by poking various parts of your mouth further and further back. It’s crucial to start as close to the front as possible, though, so you don’t hurt yourself. And don’t be in a rush. This could be a skill that develops over a long period of time.

4. Hum

Photo via rgbstock.

Photo via rgbstock.

Urban Dictionary defines a hummer as a blowjob where the giving partner hums, to achieve the same effect as a vibrating pocket pussy (like our crowd pleaser, the Vibrating Sleeve). Well, if you’re wondering how on earth people came up with that idea, it could be because it’s really hard to gag when you’re humming a cheery little ditty. Imagine that! Just remember to breathe through your nose, otherwise you’ll have so much stuff going on, it might be difficult to breathe.

5. Know the Situation

Image via rgbstock.

Image via rgbstock.

For some reason, people are more likely to gag when it’s morning than when it’s later in the day. They’re also more likely to gag when they’re drunk. Avoid situations where you’re not feeling so hot, or when it’s too early during the day and you could avoid being all gaggy without having to resort to any strange tricks.

6. Be Safe!


For some people, the idea of having an actual penis might really gross them out. Consider having your partner wear a condom to put a barrier between yourself and the penis if this is going to contribute to your discomfort. It will also keep you free of oral STDs if that’s an issue! Our favorite oral condoms? Lifestyles Fun Bumps and Durex Tropical!

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