Can Vibrators Reduce Sensitivity?

Ever feel a little too worn down after a session with your Magic Wand? Do you feel like your body can’t go back to the way that it was before? Do you feel a numbness or a tingling in your clitoris?

There’s good news: it’s not going to last, no matter how much your masturbate.


There has long been a belief that using a vibrator can permanently lessen the clitoris’ ability to receive sensation. The implications of this are, of course, dire– that people who use vibrating adult toys will lose their ability to orgasm over time.

But there has never been any research to prove that this was true. In fact, a study from University of Indiana proved that people who use vibrators experience orgasms more quickly and potentially more easily than those who don’t. It could have something to do with feeling more comfortable with their sexuality, or it could even just be because vibrators are a quick and dirty way to get the job done. It’s sort of like eating fast food. The food isn’t exactly substantial, but it leaves you feeling full, which is why you would want to eat it in the first place.

hitachi_wandMore powerful vibrators can make you feel like you’re going numb down there, such as the Magic Wand, above. But that is only temporary, and it’s not just vibrators that do that. Any intense sensation, like using a vibrating drill or jackhammer, can cause temporary numbness like this. Thankfully, even if you use these tools for many hours, frequently, over the course of years, there’s no proof it does any nerve damage.

If it does seem to feel like it takes more and more from your buzzy pal to get off, it probably doesn’t have to do with the toy. It may be that, as you age, your body is changing, and it can simply need more and more stimulation to bring yourself to orgasm. Perhaps consider taking a break from your toy so that when you start up again, it sensation feels more novel. Or consider switching to a toy with a little more oomph. lists the power ratings of all of our vibrators on each product’s page.


On the flip side, if vibrators are the only way you can have an orgasm, there’s nothing wrong with that, either. Vibrators provide a very intense sort of stimulation that can be hard to replicate with fingers or other toys. It also doesn’t mean that there is necessarily anything wrong with how their partners stimulate them, either. Different people react differently to different forms of sex– many people who have clitorises require direct stimulation to the organ even during penetration.

Still, if you are worried, there are plenty of non-vibrating sex toys out there that can suit your needs just fine. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Instead of a vibrating ring, use a non-vibrating cock ring. Those in our Erection Ring Set of Three don’t come with a vibrator, but they still offer the same restriction to blood flow that makes you harder and thicker than ever before.


  • Instead of a vibrator, use a dildo. With a skillful touch, dildos don’t just offer pleasure during penetration. They can be used to stroke and stimulate the clitoris, much like a finger. Those with more narrow heads, like our Glass Gem Peridot give both a delicate and firm touch as needed.


  • Instead of a vibrating sleeve, use a non-vibrating masturbation sleeve. The Dr. Laura Berman Intimate Basics Eden provides its own stimulation by having a textured inside, like many other masturbation sleeves. Plus, adding an enhancement gel, like Liquid V for Men will substantially increase the amount of feeling you get out of it.


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