What’s The Best Lube For…

Every day, we get calls from health conscious lube connoisseurs who want to know what the best lube is for their certain situation. So we pulled our safer sexperts to ask what their favorite lubes were for the following events.

…Your First Time

We get this question a lot, actually: what’s the best lube for my first time? Whether you mean your first time masturbating or your first time enjoying sex with a partner, the answer is pretty much the same. You’re going to need to learn about your body before you can make a commitment.

But here’s the thing, first time lube buyers. We know why you’re searching online for pro-tips. Lube is expensive. Make no mistake. But also don’t make the mistake of thinking that it can be replaced safely with anything else. Read about why that may be a bad idea in our article What Not To Masturbate With.


Until you get your hands on some samples (which we do offer, by the way) and find out what works best for you, we recommend something simple, like Liquid Silk.  This hybrid lube brings the best of both worlds out, and is particularly noted as being neutral for those who tend to have sensitive skin.


Of all things, clitoral arousal gel works particularly well on a penis. Who knew? This cream makes the shaft and head of the penis feel super sensitive. My partner and I discovered this after I had a disappointing reaction to some Wet Wow. It gave him what he reported as, “The best hand job of my life.”


We now mix this sensitizing gel with our favorite silicone-based lubes to give them a little extra tingle. The silicone keeps it from drying up too quickly, so you won’t have to pause right when the going’s getting good to reapply.


For anal, you want something won’t absorb and is thick. We typically recommend silicone-based lubricants for this– the anus’ job is to absorb water, so a water-based lube is going to vanish really quickly. Many anal lubes come with lidocaine or benzocaine in them, with the intention of numbing your butt to make it easier to fit things in there. But when you’re in pain, your body is trying to tell you not to do something– so unless pain is essential to you getting off, we’d rather you avoid it. It doesn’t mean you can’t do anal, it just means you need to practice with something smaller.



Pjur Analyse Me! Anal Glide is one of our favorite anal lubes for this reason– it has all the comfort of your normal anal lube, but none of the unnecessary numbing agents, so you can feel everything.



Flavored lube always spices up a good  blow job. If you’re looking for the king of flavored lubes, the answer is pretty obvious: WET. In particular, we love their watermelon. It doesn’t even get super sticky, if you’re using it for a hand job in-between licks.


For cunnilingus, we strongly recommend WET Naturals Sensual Strawberry. This all-natural lube is glycerin-free, and although it’s flavored, it’s completely vagina-safe, whether or not you decide to use a Lixx Dental Dam.


More so than any other lube, vaginal lube is going to be a matter of choice. All vaginas are different and they all respond to different chemicals differently. It can be difficult to tell what is best for your vagina without trying a bunch of lubes for yourself and charting your reactions and comfort levels.

However, the nice thing about vaginas is that many of them create their own moisture, so unless you’re going through menopause or you just don’t naturally have a lot of moisture, you’ll need something simple and neutral to compliment your personal brand.


Pjur Aqua For Women is perfect for this. It’s simple, it’s paraben-free (although it does contain glycerin, so take note if you’re sensitive), and it’s comfortable. No frills or fanciness, just the perfect slip-and-slide for you and your partner.

…Anal Toys

For all your buttplug and prostate massager needs!  You’ll notice above that we recommend silicone-based lubes for butt play, but some toys, as we also mentioned above, don’t react so positively to silicone-based lube. Usually, these are toys that aren’t 100% silicone– since pure silicone won’t react when exposed to other silicone. Read our article, What Is My Adult Toy Made Of? to find out more.

synergy (1)

For those toys that aren’t 100% silicone, we recommend a toy-safe blend of silicone and water-based lubes. WET’s Synergy is a great example of this. It has all the best qualities of a water-based lube, combined lovingly with all the best qualities of a silicone-based lube– and none of the bad stuff. It won’t get tacky, but it also won’t wreck your toys.

…And For You?

Lubes work differently for everyone. While these may be our favorite lubes for these activities, that doesn’t mean they’re going to be the right product for you.

So, it’s your turn: what’s your favorite lube for your favorite bedroom antics? What do you give a big thumbs up and what would you never use again, not in a million years? Give us a testimonial on Twitter, Tumblr, or Facebook and we’ll post the best ones we receive!


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