Best Butt Plugs

Here at Spicy Gear, we’re anal about anal. So, we asked ourselves, “Which components create the perfect butt plug?”

Well, that all depends of what features you are looking for. Whether you want to play with your prostate in the shower, wear one around the house, vibrate yourself into in an internal orgasm or experience temperature play— our best body plug buying guide can point you in the right direction for your next sex toy purchase.

Concerning Butt Plug Safety


Traditionally, butt plugs are smooth, have a straight shape and are much shorter in length than anal dildos, and can stay in without the assistance of a hand or partner (hands-free). While dildos are meant for movement, butt plugs are designed to stay put– so use them appropriately.

Be sure to note what material your butt plug is made from before lubing up. While silicone-based anal lubes are made to protect the delicate anal lining from microtears during anal play, they may interact with silicone toys and are to be avoided. Alternative like WET Uranus Water-Based are perfect for this silicone-sex-toy-up-the-butt scenario.

Like other toys, butt plugs are not meant to be shared or double dipped from anus to vagina or from anus to mouth. This can transfer bacteria and STDs/STIs from partner to partner or from one area of the body to another. Be sure to clean your butt plug thoroughly before storage with an antibacterial soap, like the ones highlighted in Buyer’s Guide: Best Sex Toy Cleaners.

Butt plugs are specially designed for anal insertion and should always have an extremely flared base to keep the plug from entering into the body and becoming lodged in the digestive tract. Remember, unlike the vagina, which is similar to a pocket, the anus can suck up foreign objects so far into the body that a medical professional is required for removal.

TL;DR Butt Plug Safety Summary:

  1. Do not use silicone-based lube on silicone toys.
  2. Promptly disinfect butt plugs with toy cleaner after each use.
  3. Do not share your plug.
  4. Only use toys meant for anal insertion, which have a flared base.
  5. If you want it to move around a lot inside the anus, buy an anal dildo, not a butt plug.

Best Body-Safe Butt Plugs

These fine butt plugs are body-safe, meaning they are made from nonporous, phthalate-free, non-toxic materials:



  • nJoy Pure Plugs— This non-porous metal pop plug design offers the most body safe and hypoallergenic butt plug experience around and they come in small, medium and large sizes for those who are thinking of upsizing. Plus, since they’re stainless steel, they are safe for use with your favorite silicone or oil-based anal lubricant.


  • Joanna Angel’s Brass Knuckles Butt Plug— Combine toughness, great aesthetic design, practicality and medical grade silicone, and this brass knuckle butt plug is born. Multiple finger openings make this plug extremely easy to insert and remove. A personal favorite of mine, this plug can be boiled or put in the dishwasher for optimal cleanliness after use.


  • Pop Plug Medium— Made by Doc Johnson from firm silicone, this plug’s shape closely resembles that of a candy ring pop. It may appear innocent at first glance, but believe me, this pretty and innocuous looking pastel pink butt plug packs a punch.

Best Inflatable Butt Plug


  • Colt Expandable Butt Plug— Perfect for anal training or discipline training, this latex butt plug with rubber hand pump can be enlarged to your desired size. Inflatables make insertion and removal easier, but still offers the filled up feeling you get from a larger butt plug.

Best Vibrating Butt Plugs



  • Tush Teaser— This porous blue jelly plug is thin and slim with a removal bullet and adjustable vibrations. It’s very quiet for discretion during use, which makes it a wonderful choice for those who have roommates.


  • Vibrating Butt Plug— It’s name may be generic, but this is no ordinary butt plug. If you prefer a stylish and softer plug that also vibrates, than this is the one for you. This porous purple slightly textured butt plug with corded remote for customized vibration intensity during use.

Best Waterproof Butt Plugs


  • Black Rubber Anal Plugs— If you’re interested in trying a simple and flexible rubber butt plug, these black beauties come in small, medium and large sizes which are available for individual purchase. Great for beginners!

Best Kit Containing a Butt Plug


  • Hard Man Tool Kit— This super affordable kit has everything you need for male pleasure and erection enhancement. It contains: a penis pump, a vibrating penis sleeve, 2 erection rings and a 4” vibrating butt plug with a suction cupped base and a battery operated power pack.

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