The History of Glass Dildos: A Sex Toy Material Timeline

Many interesting adult toy materials have been utilized by our lusty lineages, including the employment of yams as a personal lubricant (yup, yams, now that’s an asserole worth eating) and tortoise shells as condoms.


Luckily, nowadays we’ve moved on to more vagina-friendly silicone-based lubes and latex condoms, but have our glass dildos made the same giant leap into the 21st century? Read on to learn more about this fragile and beautiful sex toy material’s trip throughout history!

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Product Review: Don Wands Glass Wand Jade/White Helix

Don Juan doesn’t hold a candle to this incredibly pretty Don Wands Glass Wand. The mesmerizing DNA-like jade and white swirling helix, the medical-grade Pyrex material, the realistic size and shape of the shaft and head, the proportional dimensions and the ultra-smooth finish… my oh my! I’m getting a bit worked up just thinking about all of its yummy features.


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Best Butt Plugs

Here at Spicy Gear, we’re anal about anal. So, we asked ourselves, “Which components create the perfect butt plug?”

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