Product Review: Don Wands Glass Wand Jade/White Helix

Don Juan doesn’t hold a candle to this incredibly pretty Don Wands Glass Wand. The mesmerizing DNA-like jade and white swirling helix, the medical-grade Pyrex material, the realistic size and shape of the shaft and head, the proportional dimensions and the ultra-smooth finish… my oh my! I’m getting a bit worked up just thinking about all of its yummy features.


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Using Sex Toys after Pregnancy

A while back, we talked about whether or not it was safe to use sex toys during pregnancy. But even after pregnancy, toys are a great way to take care of yourself. Better yet, they can even help you get back into being intimate with your partner. Whether you’re using them alone or having your partner use them on you, here’s a brief guide to using sex toys after giving birth.


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Beads ‘n Balls ‘n Ben Wa, Oh My!

If you like gettin’ it on with spheres as much as I do, then look no further. Here are Spicy Gear’s best beads, balls and Ben Wa sex toys!


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