Lube Review: WET Synergy + Warming

In my humblest of opinions, WET Synergy is one of the best lubricants on the market. So despite my aversion to warming lubes, I found myself actually really excited about trying WET Synergy + Warming.

wetsynergywarming Why do I love regular, ol’ WET Synergy so much? Easy. It’s a hybrid lube. Hybrid lubes are kind of the perfect type of lube: they’re part water-based, which makes them toy-safe. And they’re part silicone-based, which makes them last longer and feel better. And believe it or not, that tiny bit of silicone that’s in them means they won’t hurt your toys.

Right off the bat, I was surprised by the thickness of this lube. In fact, it took a lot of squeezing (with both hands) of my 3.3 oz. bottle to get the first dab out, which is pretty unusual with WET’s products. Normally, I only need to tilt the bottle a tiny bit to get a sufficient amount. It’s good though– thicker lube seems to stay around longer, like one of my other favorites, WET Gellee. Thicker means it goes exactly where you want it to go. No more scrambling to get all that silicone out of your sheets.

The heat of this lube wasn’t overwhelming, which is actually great. It’s more of a gentle warmth that increases the more friction is inflicted on it. My partner LOVED that. It made for excellent hand-jobs, and putting a little on the inside of his Trojan NaturaLamb condom. The slow burn is really the way to go with him, and with our love of temperature play it really helped him feel like he was getting more of my warmth through the condom. NaturaLambs are great at that, but if this a concern that you have with latex condoms, like the ever-popular Crown Skinless Skin, I’d really recommend putting a little of this lube on the inside of your condom.

Now, my biggest beef with WET Synergy + Warming is one, big, big thing: it has glycerin in it. If you use lubes with glycerin a lot and don’t have a problem with them, then it’ll be your new favorite warming lube in no time. But if you’re like me and you have sensitive skin or are prone to yeast infections, this lube will do you no favors on your fragile, vaginal ecosystem.

Luckily, there is no capsaicin or anything else that could cause a nasty burning in this lube (looking at you, Trojan Fire & Ice condoms).

And don’t forget! WET Synergy + Warming has a twin! If hot and spicy isn’t your game, the sparkling menthol of WET Synergy + Cool Tingle should cool you off. Just be warned: these twins are made of the same ilk– that one has glycerin too.


Overall Rating: 3 Stars

Final Verdict:

This super-thick, toy-safe, condom-safe lube really does the trick, but the addition of glycerin means WET Synergy + Warming gets a lonely three stars from me. If you don’t have a problem with glycerin, or if you have a penis, this is one of the better warming lubes on the market.

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