Product Review: Maximum Impact Liquid Latex

As mentioned in ‘Five Ways to Dress Up Vaginas and Vulvas,’ decorating the body is a really fun, creative and exciting way to express your sexuality. I’m certainly no stranger to the world of body paint, but I’d never tried this particular brand before last night, when I finally gave these brightly colored Maximum Impact Liquid Latex body cosmetics a whirl. Check out how I fared!


Available in 16 oz jars of either bright red, soothing blue, or mysterious purple, Maximum Impact Liquid Latex can be used on bare skin, clothing (like a catsuit, for instance) or as a coating for dipped objects. Hmm… mind racing with ideas yet? That’s the point! This awesome product really gets those creative juices flowing and you’re really only limited by your own imagination.

Having only ever tried Liquitex brand before, I was very curious how this brand would compare. Much to my delight, I found this liquid latex formula to be much faster drying and more opaque, meaning less coats were required for total coverage. Having very fair and somewhat freckled skin, I found three thin coats to do the trick– whereas I’ve had to employ five or more coats with other brands to achieve the same second skin effect.

As with any brand of liquid latex, there are tricks of the trade which can really help make the process more enjoyable and less of a mess. First of all, a bristle brush isn’t going to work for application. Use a foam brush, like the one below to avoid creating unintentional lines from clumped bristles. You or your partner can also use your hands and/or Q-tips to finger-paint one another.


Liquid latex hugs the skin because it shrinks down 3% when it dries, creating that being embraced all over sensation. Which brings me to my next point– skin preparation. This is extremely important. Unless you feel like picking latex from each tiny, ordinarily invisible body hair for hours on end (not the sexiest of activities, I assure you)– heed these liquid latex useage pointers:

  • Shave Everything

    Seriously. Even if you don’t think you have hair where the latex is being applied, shave it anyways. I used Coochy Shave Creme and a new razor to ensure that I got the closest shave possible and it worked like a charm. Even if your partner is only going to apply paint to you with their hands (or any other body part), they’ll need to make sure they’re painting with and on a hair-free zone.

  • Lotion Up

    Equally as important as shaving is the next step– thoroughly lotioning the skin. Lotion creates a barrier between you and the latex, making it more comfortable, less apt to cause any type of skin reaction (like a rash) and easier to remove.  The jar’s label suggests using a lanolin-based lotion, so I used some cocoa butter lotion I had laying around and it worked perfectly.

  • Remove with Soap and Water

    To remove the liquid latex, you’ll need to make a space for warm soapy water to get in between the layer of latex and your skin. This makes the latex peel off like a snakeskin, instead of in many, many little chunks (dry removal). You may want to use an outside shower or place a washcloth over your bathtub drain in order to keep the shed latex from clogging any indoor plumbing. Remember, this stuff isn’t water-soluble, so it won’t just disappear. Believe me.


Using it on my skin was sensual and pretty damn arousing. And, I still have more leftover. Not a bad deal at all at its current price of $16.99. My next project? I’m going to dip-cote my new Don Wand glass dildo for a soft-latex-over-hard-glass combo! Whoa!

Of course, if you have ever had an allergic reaction from any latex materials, avoid this stuff like the plague, as it’s 100% pure latex. In fact, it’s made right here in the States in Pennsylvania by SVT Inc., a company who only produces pure liquid latex.

Another possible negative histamine reaction could be triggered by the unpleasant ammonia odor this product has before it dries. This is not exclusively a Maximum Impact issue, as latex requires ammonia to remain spreadable in a liquid state. Nonetheless, if you are intensely bothered by the smell of Windex or cat urine, this may be too much for your olfactory sense to bear, but it does neutralize when it dries. Hint: Proper ventilation helps, so open a window or turn on some fans to speed up the scent dissipation.

Overall Rating: 5 Stars

Final Verdict:

I was dripping with satisfaction after testing Maximum Impact Liquid Latex. The gorgeous hues and ease of application made this latex test a smashing success!

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