Seven Lovey-Dovey Valentine’s Day Gifts

It’s never too early to start prepping for Valentine’s Day. Even with our fast and discreet shipping methods, you want to make sure you get your partner’s gift on time.


You know the Spicy Gear Blog is always here to help, so we jumped the gun and compiled a list of our favorite, most romantic toys for this most auspicious of holidays to help you narrow down exactly what will make them shake and squirm.

Twisted Hearts Desire


You know our friends over at Doc Johnson are good for their toys. Check out how they make their toys here. This one has such a pleasing shape, it may make you think of other things besides hearts this Valentine’s Day. Apply this multi-speed toy to your partner’s desire, or be extra twisted with yourself. Either way, you’ll enjoy it to your heart’s content.

Lover’s Choice Bed of Roses


No matter how many freaky toys you have, be they sex swings or Sybians, a little touch of romance will always make a big impact. These rose petals are an inexpensive way to put a soft and silky touch on your lovemaking. Strew the bed with petals, then lay out a smorgasbord of toys, lubes, and condoms. The tealights will provide the mood lighting, and the super sexy invitation to this platter of pleasures will surely let your lover know you’re willing to go the extra mile to make them feel desired.

Silicone Bendable Rose


The Silicone Bendable Rose is one of the most unique vibrators on the market! Not only does it have a rose-shaped silicone head attached to a thin wind, but that wand is bendable. That’s right, you can sculpt this rose into any pleasing position you want, even while you’re playing in the bath! Better yet, the flared-shape means that this is a great anal toy. Why not get a whole bouquet for your lover?

Caution Wear Wild Rose Condom


Need something a little more pragmatic than a bouquet of roses? How about a bouquet of condoms? Caution Wear’s Wild Rose come dewed with silicone-based lube, which makes them perfect for any kind of lovin’. Covered in ribs (instead of thorns), both partners will be sure to get the max pleasure when lying in this particular bed of roses. Mix them in with your rose petals for extra romance.

Heart Harness with Silicone Dildo


Taking the peg up a notch this Valentine’s Day? Our Heart Harness with Silicone Dildo wants to make a special appearance at your boudoir. This gorgeous silicone dildo is on the smaller size, at 5” long and 1” in diameter, which makes it perfect for first-time peggers. With the slight curve, it’s sure to hit all of your favorite spots, and look adorable while doing it. The harness is adjustable, which makes it the perfect gift for anyone. It even made our list of Best Pegging Toys!

a:Muse His & Hers


I was a little skeptical about this toy box when I first got it, but it turns out the finger vibrator included in the a:Muse His & Hers is my new favorite toy. No, scratch that– it’s my new most favorite thing in the entire world. With soft jelly nubs and a removable, multi-speed bullet vibrator, it’s going to be yours too. The vibrating ring uses the same type of bullet, so it’s just as strong for when you want to switch from clitoral play to something a little more filling.

Slap and Tickle For Starters


Wanting to get into BDSM but aren’t ready for whips and leathers just yet? This exquisitely beautiful and lavish Slap and Tickle For Starters set will have you on your knees, begging for more. This kit comes with instruction cards, wrist and ankle restrains, a feather tickler, a blindfold, a Do Not Disturb door sign, and even a cute carrying case to put it all in. Everything you need to get started, or to add some tenderness to your rougher play.

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