Spicy Gear’s Best Penis and Clitoral Pumps

Penis and clitoral pumps draw the blood to the surface of the organ when applied, making them feel extra sensitive. But you don’t have to have a sensitivity problem to enjoy these sex toys. Whether you need a little help relocating your blood to improve an erection, or you just really like a nice sucking feeling but don’t have anyone around willing to do it, these toys are a great addition to any collection for the unique sensation that they provide.


Below, you’ll find our favorite penis and clitoral pumps. And they’re not just our favorites– they’re the ones our customers love and purchase the most, so you know that they’re the very best of the best.

Optimum Power Stroker


We get calls about this toy all the time. Is it a male masturbator or is it a penis pump? It’s kind of halfway between both, and that’s what makes our customers love it. This toy creates a stroking motion with multiple rows of stimulating pearls on the inside, much like you’d find in the shafts of some jack rabbit vibrators. Powered by a tiny remote control, this pump is sure to get you going and keep you going. Just make sure you get your hands on some toy cleaner for when you’re done– here are our favorites.

Hard Man Tool Kit


Billed as having something for every occasion, the amazing penis pump isn’t the only thing you’re going to fall in love with in this kit. Pair the penis pump with the four inch vibrating butt plug, or use it to get yourself aroused before enjoying silicone penis sleeve or erection rings. It doesn’t matter! This adult toy kit has everything you need for a fun night alone or with a partner.

Finger Grip Pump


While the two pumps above have the benefit of having special gimmicks (coming with accessories or being remote controlled), the Finger Grip Pump is all you see in the photo above– but it’s all you’ll need. Simplistic in the best kind of way, this pump using a finger grip so you don’t feel like you’re having your blood pressure examined at the doctor’s office. The jelly sleeve at the bottom is an easy and comfortable fit, and releases quickly via a valve on the pump, just in case. Combine this baby with some condoms for prime condom pumping.

Berman Center Selene



Like penis pumps, clitoral pumps encourage blood flow to the genitalia. They may look at first like you’re attaching a lamprey mouth to your fun bits, but they can feel incredible.

And you know all products by the Berman Center are excellent. Dr. Laura Berman really knows her stuff. This toy is about as comfortable and unobtrusive as you can make a clitoral pump, and safe as can be. With a body-safe silicone sleeve, and a self-controlled hand pump, this may be exactly the jump start your sex life needs.

Penetrating Mini-Clitoral Pump


I admit it. I wasn’t into this contraption at all when I first saw it. It looks like some kind of medical device! But not only does this clitoral pump pump up the volume to your favorite bits, it also has a studded, penetrating head at the center of the pump, which will apply pressure to the clitoris in a blush-inducing way.

Honorable Mention: Colt Expandable Butt Plug


Ok, it’s not a penis or clitoral pump, but you still have to pump this toy up. I’d never actually heard of these until I saw one in our warehouse. “How does it work?” I asked myself. Turns out, the toy is made of a hard rubber core and has a latex outer covering, which is the part that inflates. It’s meant to be inserted and then inflated, but don’t worry about skimping out on that initial friction feeling– this toy comes BIG and gets even BIGGER. Due to its giant size and wonderful feel, you’ll cum bigger and bigger too. Just make sure to avoid those oil-based lubes on the latex covering! Bonus: it found its way into our Best Butt Plugs article. Score!

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