5 Amazing Things You Never Knew about Boobs

Boobs! They are the source of nourishment when we are infants and a significant source of arousal when we become adults. But as much as they are universally adored by those who are attracted to traditional feminine features, breasts are not as simple as they may seem! Read more to find out the top five amazing thing you never knew about boobs.


5. How Low Can You Go?

Do your boobs hang low, do they wobble to and fro? Most people already know that breasts droop with age. But did you know these bouncy, squishy, warm globes of goodness change in other ways as well? That’s right. This sagging (medically known as ptosis) effect doesn’t have as much to do with gravity, muscle tone, breastfeeding and lack of undergarment support as one might assume.


The real reason breasts head south during our winter years is due to a change in the density of the soft, fibrous tissues inside the breasts and elasticity of the inner connective tissues. Here is a brief boob transformation timeline:

  • At Birth- Milk ducts and nipples are already formed.
  • Puberty- Estrogen is released and causes fatty tissue to grow. This hurts. A lot. But it’s temporary. Do not be alarmed if stretch marks occur during times of immense growth.
  • 20s- Milk secretions are made in preparation for reproduction. Taking hormonal contraception can increase breast size even further. Tenderness in breasts prior to and during menstruation is typical.
  • 30s: Pregnancy, weight gain/loss and breastfeeding changes the firmness and shape of the breasts and stretches the skin (sometimes repeatedly).
  • 40s: A thinning of the soft tissues and reduction in skin elasticity creates a baggier, flatter laying breast.
  • Post-Menopause: The lactating glands diminish as they are no longer needed, and the dropping estrogen levels create even less fullness.

4. Symmetry, Hair and Acne

As you may have noticed while changing in the locker room or during various hookups or relationships, depictions of breasts in the media can be a bit deceiving. They are not always the smooth, hairless and skin-condition-free gazongas which are represented in magazines and movies.


Penelope by Sally Hewett

In fact, areolas (the round, pigmented area surrounding the nipple) are prone to pubic hair growth as well as acne. How come? Well, it’s because sebaceous oil glands and hair follicles are both present and accounted for. A stray hair or two and a couple of whiteheads are not uncommon occurrences on jugs.

It’s also extremely common for one breast, nipple and/or areola to be different shaped or sized than the other. Like chest hair and acne, this is totally normal and typical. Nothing to worry about! And remember, testicles are the same way– like reproductive snowflakes, no two are exactly the same.

3. Breast Implants Began Long, Long Ago

It’s true! Bust-line enhancing surgeries are not a late 20th century invention, it was a 19th century one. Spearheading the breast implant movement was Vincenz Czerny (1842-1916). His earliest recorded breast implant surgery stems way back when to 1895.


Image from Wikipedia.

The first successful documented silicone implant surgery wasn’t until the mid 20th century in the 1960s. The original idea for silicone and saline implants, which are now the most common type of prosthetics in the world, stemmed from surgeons on America and France.

During this time, blood donation containers switched from glass to plastic bags. Upon noting the similarity this blood filled bag felt to a breast, the first silicone implant operation was performed on Timmie Jean Lindsey. With an estimated amount of breast implants reaching the ten million mark in 2014, these times-gone-by, tittie-loving docs started something big.

2. Mastectomy Tattoos

Neither tattoos or mastectomies are modern day inventions either, as evidenced by the etymology of the ancient Greek Amazon female warriors– a-, meaning, ‘without,’ –mazos, meaning, ‘breast.’ It was believed that they removed one breast in order to hunt more efficiently and ancient tribes people’s remains which bear tattoos on their skin.

In some cases, surgeons are able to keep the nipple and it’s connective tissue intact in order to reposition it after the breast(s) is removed. However, when a mastectomy is performed to to remove cancerous cells in the breast tissue, removing the entire breast (nipple and areola included) can be the safest bet in the fight against the cancer spreading.


Image from pixgood.com

Breast cancer can be tragic, but some special tattoo artists have made it their calling to match skin color and tone to create natural looking nipples, as well as covering any discolored scar tissue from the mastectomy. As an artful alternative, a beautiful new non-anatomical-looking design can be tattooed onto the breasts as well as a individualized badge of honor and survival.

1. People with Penises Can Grow Natural Boobs Too

Like Frank Costanza and his Manssiere, (or Bro as Kramer called it), those who were born with a penis can still be in need of a little upper-body support now and again. But what causes this enlargement of the pectorals into full blown breast tissue?

The most prevalent causes of this phenomenon are the use of steroids, obesity, age, testicular or prostate cancer and/or hormone therapy. When the testosterone level is increased in the body, there is an internal struggle to balance out these out-of-whack hormones by also increasing the amount of estrogen, resulting in what Chuck Palaniuk referred to as, “bitch tits.” This can be a very emotional topic for those who do not want breasts of their own, as it can greatly effect self-esteem.

Of course, breasts can also be intentionally and naturally enlarged by those with penises as well. If hormone therapy or surgery is not the ideal method, try to avoid pills and creams boasting wild claims, as oftentimes these are unregulated by the FDA. But, there’s a new FDA-approved suction cup device for breast enlargement which works similarly to a penis pump. It’s been in development for ten years and is called the Brava Breast Enhancement and Shaping System.

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