Lube Review: WET Pheromone

When I was handed WET Pheromone to review, I was so excited. The bottle itself just looks yummy, with the sparkling, raspberry lid. Just the name is sexy– the primal, chemical, unrestrained thought of pheromones controlling my lust for my partner. But looking at the ingredients list put an end to that.


This lube has a couple of things in it that I don’t personally feel comfortable putting near my vagina, including glycerin and fragrance. Also, the ingredients lists the pheromones as simply, “pheromones.” I’d like to know what those are so I can accurately report them to you. The general consensus of what I could find (from our friends over at Lubezilla) was that pheromones found in lubes test pretty safely on humans, so there shouldn’t be anything to worry about there.

I chose not to apply this lube to myself, which is a huge bummer because I was really looking forward to it. But I have sensitive skin, and it wasn’t a risk I wanted to take. I did put it on my partner though.

Did the pheromones work on him? I don’t really know. In all honesty, he was pretty horned up to begin with. They didn’t make him more sensitive, like WET WoW (which he loves on the inside of a condom) and they didn’t hurt him. But this was a pretty excellent water-based lube for someone with a penis. It didn’t get sticky, not even after vigorous rubbing, unlike other glycerin lubes, and it lasted a fair amount of time considering its ingredients.


It did get a little sticky after use, especially on my hands. But throughout our session, it stayed just as slippery as I would have wanted it to.

If nothing else, WET Pheromone is a fair lube, great for those of you without vaginas. I may hate the fragrance near my personal parts, but I love the scent of it, which made giving a hand-job with it downright pleasant. Even the taste wasn’t half bad, but you’d expect it to be pretty tasty with glycerin in it.

As usual with the WET brand, I’m impressed by what this lube can offer me, even if I don’t plan on putting it on or in my own body anytime soon. It’s paraben-free, toy and condom-safe, and even kosher.

Now, the bottle has changed a tiny bit from the one we currently have on the site.  It looks more like the one in the image above and below, with the flat head, and the white and raspberry-pink label. So don’t be alarmed if you get that in the mail! WET is always changing their bottles, but the 3.6 oz. bottle still comes in the format you love, with the easy-pour lid and the handy side grip. It matches well with the rest of my WET collection.

Along with the bottle change, the ingredients we have listed have also changed. There is some extra stuff listed on our site that is no longer found within the confines of this bottle– and that’s great, because most of it is pretty questionable.

The ingredients on the new bottle that I have sitting in front of me are listed as the following: Glycerin, Water (Aqua), Carboxymethylcellulose, Propylene Glycol, Potassium Sorbate, Fragrance, Pheromones. You can read more about them at Condom Depot’s Lube Ingredients Guide.


Overall Rating: 3 stars

Final Verdict:

Don’t expect some sort of Spanish Fly effect when you use this lube. The pheromones may just be a selling point for WET Pheromone, but the lube is still excellent, and it smells amazing. And if you’re looking for something with many of the same qualities but without the glycerin? I’d highly recommend Je T’Aime All Natural. It’s a comparable, low-priced specialty lube that feels just darn-right classy.

What are Spicy Gear Customers Saying?

3 stars: smells good, not sure if it really works as far as the pheromone is concerned. The wetness could be better, just need to use a lot more. — Shawn, Boston MA

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