Dental Dam Review: Trust Oral Dams

Made by Line One Laboratories, the makers of Trustex brand condoms, Trust Oral Dams (formerly known as Lixx Dental Dams) are the best way to for those without a latex allergy to stay safer during oral sex with a vulva or anus.



Being single, STDs and STIs are a major concern in my life, and because of this I choose to use a latex barrier for all my oral adventures. I’m pretty well versed in flavored condoms, Durex Tropical being my all-time favorite, and flavored lubricants, Swiss Navy Pina Colada being my top pick– but what about these five assorted and hopefully scrumdiddlyumptious Trust Oral Dam flavors? Would they pass the picky taste bud test? I tried them all, for the sake of science.

Assorted Flavors of Trust Oral Dams Include (in descending order from my personal favorite to my least preferred):

  • grape (purple)
  • vanilla (blue)
  • strawberry (pink)
  • mint (green)
  • banana (yellow)

Designed to take enthusiastic licking and keep on ticking, these 6” x 10” (152.4mm x 254mm) Trust Oral Dams are see-through and skin-like as a dental dam can get. They’re completely safe for use with water and silicone-based lubricants, which I recommend using on the anal region and vaginal area prior to laying the dental dam in place. Like a latex condom, oil-based lubricants will compromise the integrity of the material and increase the likelihood of rips or tears– leaving you both exposed to bacterial, viral, fungal and parasitic transfer.

Not sure how exactly to use a dental dam? That’s OK! We’ve got an in-depth and informative article for you to learn the in’s and out’s of How-To: Use a Dental Dam.

For rim jobs, salad tossing, playing the rusty trombone and earning your brown wings (or anilingus for those technical folks)– these dental dams are a cinch to use and offer a unique stimulation for the anus without the risk of e.Coli, hepatitis or worm transfer (yes, these things really do happen) either into the mouth or by being spread to the urinary tract or vagina where it can cause an infection.

Speaking of which, these are one-time-use-only, folks. And, each person needs to use their own dam– no sharing. Think of it as an oral condom. Tongue ‘n toss in the trash. Done. Safe and satisfied! And, much like a condom, they have an expiration date listed on the packaging and should be stored in a cool, dry place– like in a nightstand. The sealed bag they come in is 3.25″ x 5.25″ (82.6mm x 133.4mm) and can easily be slipped in a bag or purse away from any sharp objects for oral on the go.

I like to mark one side of the dam with a Sharpie, so I can easily keep track of which side has been in contact with the anus or vagina. It’s just an extra security measure I like to take since each side looks exactly the same. I just put a little X in the corner and go to town!


The only thing I tend to struggle a bit with while using dental dams in general is keeping them securely in place, hence the X. You know how it is– pelvic thrusting, grinding and bucking can cause a dental dam to end up everywhere except where it should be– covering the vulva and/or anal region. For this reason, and again for safety’s sake, I also wear some super sexy black latex gloves, which give me an infinitely better grip on the situation. Plus, once the licking is complete, the gloves are already in place for some good ol’ fashioned finger-banging. Sweet!

Trust Oral Dams are also great for keeping fresh body piercing from becoming contaminated during oral adventures. Read more about genital piercings and safer sex here.


Final Verdict:

I could finally relax and not feel like I need to rush off to the clinic after getting and giving oral sex. The incredible silky smooth softness of the latex of these Trust Oral Dams feels as fantastic as it tastes and smells while keeping everyone involved out of harm’s way.

Overall Rating: 5 Stars

What Spicy Gear Customers are Saying:

5-Stars: “This product enabled me to safely rim my boyfriend for the first time. The dams taste great, and stay in place. Also, they’re less expensive than dental dams from other sites. What more could you want?” Shimmy – New York, NY

5-Stars: “I will admit, its foreign food down there 😉 I tried these dental dams out and they made it fun and turned me on really fast. Because I wasn’t thinking about the taste or smell. Also they are like training wheels. 😉 wink wink.” Dave – Pleasant Grove, Utah

5-Stars: “If you or your partner are shy, this helps a lot and the sensation is excellent.” Will – Brownsville, TX

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