Lube Review: WET Synergy + Cool Tingle

WET Synergy is one of my favorite lubes. And with a wintery chill in the air, you know that I wanted up the ante on my lovemaking sessions with WET Synergy + Cool Tingle.


To start off, let’s talk about the awesomeness that is WET Synergy. WET had the great idea of combining water and silicone-based lubricants into one, wonderful, super lube. This means that this lube is both toy and condom safe, and it has the best qualities of both lube types.

Cool Tingle is marketed as the companion to WET Synergy + Warming, which as you can probably tell by the name, is a warming lube. Much like the Trojan Fire & Ice condoms, you can use these lubes together with a partner for a temperature play experience.

The first big thing we need to talk about is the feeling. This lube starts out thick and goopy, and not as silky as other WET lubes. With some vigorous rubbing, it softens up and supplies that nice, slick loveliness that you’re used to with other WET products. My partner and I couldn’t wait though, so we ended up combining it with some of WET’s Silky Supreme to jumpstart our trip into super slip n’slide. But for having Synergy in the name, I was expecting a little more out of the feeling, so that was a little disappointing.


My partner didn’t feel the cool tingle of the menthol all that much until I blew on it while it was on his skin. But for me? It was pretty intense without even trying. Not a bad intense, but it did send me shivering under the covers, which gave my partner ample excuse to warm me up.

The taste is more of a bitter menthol than the sweet peppermint of Swiss Navy’s Candy Cane flavored lube. The smell, too, is very strong, but I like adding that minty scent to my bedroom sessions, so I couldn’t complain.

Now, since the taste is not super sweet, you may be surprised to find that there is glycerin in this lube. Our friends over at the Condom Depot Learning Center have an excellent list about the ingredients listed on this lube, but the glycerin is a personal concern of mine. Putting these sugars into a vagina could put you at risk for a gnarly yeast infection, especially if you’re prone to getting such an infection. One of my fellow co-workers here at Spicy Gear had this exact problem with this exact lube which made her decide to steer clear of it. For me, it wasn’t a concern, so use at your own risk, especially if you have sensitive skin.

I was given the 3.3 oz. bottle to test out, and much like other 3.3 oz. bottles by WET, it comes with a flip top which makes pouring super easy and a no-slip grip which makes handling it, even with lubed up fingers, easy as peppermint pie. I gotta say, it looks great with the rest of my WET lube collection.


Overall Rating: 3 Stars

Final Verdict:

The Synergy in WET’s Synergy + Cool Tingle was a little more disappointing than it ought to have been, but the tingles made up for it. If you can get over the glycerin, I’d still suggest mixing it with a silicone lube to make it even more slippery.

What are our customers saying?

5 stars: I love trying out new lubes, and normally I don’t try hybrid lubes, because they tend to still be sticky and dry out too quick like the water-based lube. I sampled this in the 1.9oz bottle which is small. It looks like a somewhat thick gel when it goes in your hand, but a few secs after you start using it, it feels really wet and fun. I cannot tell there is any silicone in this, even though there is. Good thing is that it really does last a long time, and washes off pretty easy. You can have a lot of freakin’ fun with this stuff, so I definitely recommend it for going solo. If you plan to use it for vaginal or anal play………it’s definitely good for those too. I’m about to get myself 3 more bottles of this stuff now. Have fun guys. — dj247365, Chicago, IL

3 stars: This lube is thick and does not really act as a lube. It gives about the same affect as if I were to try using lotion as lubricant which starts out thick and only slightly provides a frictionless surface. 

Maybe I am too used to the smooth glide wet premium silicone lube provides but this is really useless as a lube. The menthol feeling was nice but I found this lube highly disappointing. 😦

Note: I have used nothing but wet premium silicone lubricant for the past year so I can’t really remember what a water based lube is suppose to be like. — B, Alto Loma, California

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