Lube Review: Durex Assorted Temptations

If you’re not sure what kind of lube you prefer, or if you like to have lube for oral sex, masturbation and penetrative sex all in one box– look no further because the Durex Play Assorted Temptations lubricant variety pack has it all!


Aside from experimenting, this non-staining, water-based lube pack is also extremely well-suited for those who hate to store sticky lube bottles and for people who need to discreetly store or travel with personal lubricants. The entire box of condom-safe lubes measures in at a measly 2.25” x 3.5,” and it easily slipped into my mini-backpack for travel.

This awesome lil’ lube box is only $6.99 for ten assorted single-use packets, each of which contain 0.17 fl oz. (5ml). For this review, I went full-on Durex, using these fantastic individually packaged lubes with my Durex Pleasure Pack of assorted condoms and my Durex Ring of Bliss vibrating ring. So. Much. Durex.


Inside this adorable (even my partner remarked on it’s irresistible cuteness) and super easy-to-travel-with plastic box I found two of each of these amazing Durex Play lubes: Play Warmer, Play Tingling, Play Soothing, Play Pina Colada and Play Cherry. They can be used on their own, or mixed together for a customized lube cocktail.

Unlike Durex condoms, each easy-to-open lube packet is clearly labeled and color coded, so you can easily and quickly grab the lube of your choice. They also have full lube ingredient listings and expiration dates on the back of each foil pack, so it’s very simple to determine what’s in them, and what’s not. Nice!

Durex Play Warmer

Hot enough for ya? It will be with Play Warmer! If you’ve yet to try a warming lube, this is a great place to start. More subtle than other warming lubes I’ve tried, this allowed us to get hot n’ heavy without feeling any searing or burning sensations. I put a few temperature-raising drops inside the Durex Extra Sensitive condom from our Durex Pleasure Pack, and it mimicked the natural vaginal heat that’s felt when going bareback.

Durex Play Tingling


As if the Durex Ring of Bliss isn’t blissful enough on its own, I applied a small drop of Play Tingling to my clitoris as a sort of cooling clitoral stimulation gel, like Liquid V for Women. Whew! Not only was my U-Spot tingling, the rest of my body was all a-twitter from this powerful tingle-causing lube.

Durex Play Soothing


Play Soothing is a sweet smelling and, dare I say tranquil-feeling, lube. I attribute this calming, mind-body-and-soul appeasing, gel-like coating to this natural botanical ingredient: aloe leaf juice. This particular lube is also glycerine-free, making this the most vagina-friendly lube in the variety pack.

Durex Play Pina Colada


Want to take a trip to the tropics without leaving the house? Dying to fulfill that pool boy fantasy? Play Pina Colada is a flavored paradise that can whisk your taste buds away to a far and distant land full of coconuts, pineapple and sunshine! We paired it with a Durex Tropical condom we found in the Durex Pleasure Pack, and let me tell you, this trip south of the equator was as delicious as a Tropical Smoothie. Need a larger-sized dose of Pina goodness? Try Swiss Navy’s Pina Colada lube!

Durex Play Cherry

cherrypairIt’s not the pits– this ultra-fruity Play Cherry lubricant is as cherry-riffic as it gets! The smell, the taste, the feel, it’s all very, very good. So go on, show off those sexy stems and cherry-pick this lube up for your next oral adventure! If you want a whole bowl of cherries, Swiss Navy’s Very Wild Cherry flavored lubricant comes in a larger size.


Overall Rating: 5 Stars

Final Verdict:

I simply adore this Durex Play Assorted Temptations lubricant variety pack. For me, its low price, convenience and attractive and petite packaging makes buying this all-inclusive Play lube set a no brainer. Using it with the diverse Durex Pleasure Pack of condoms made our oral and vaginal sex jam-packed with assorted positive sensory perceptions and sensations– and we’re both very tempted to do it again and again.

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