Making the Most of Your Male Masturbator

Alright, you’ve bought your first male masturbator. Whether it’s as complex as the Briana Banks Love Doll or as unassuming as the Lotus Mini-Butt, you want to get the most out of it. Here are our tips for spicing up your love life with your favorite toy.


Jump up Your Hump

If you’ve got a toy like the Belladonna Extreme Ass and Vagina, it seems pretty obvious. But for a toy like the Ashton Moore Pocket Pussy? Sometimes holding it can take away from the fantasy. But with a little handiwork, you can assemble your very own hump-a-tron!

Using some rope or belts, position the toy between two pillows. We found that two square couch pillows work the best, but you may need to modify that based on what you have on hand and what works well with your body, toy, and rope situation.

Place your pillow creation between your legs in the manner that suits you best. It might be fun to experiment with different positions, such as doggy-style, or against-the-wall. You can even use additional pillows to anchor the main hump-a-tron in place. The options are endless!

But What about the Lube?


Lubes can be detrimental to your toys, or they can vastly improve your experience. Because of this, it’s important to know what your toy is made of and what the main ingredient in your lube is. If you want to know more about lube and toy materials, check out our article on lube safety. But for a quick cheat sheet, here’s the gist:

  • Water-based lubes: safe for all toys but not recommended for toy going into the anus.
  • Silicone-based lubes: not safe for toys made of silicone, silicone mixes, sil-a-gel, and jelly (like our Mermaid Masturbator). Toys that are 100% silicone are considered safe, but sometimes materials may be misrepresented on their labels.
  • Oil-based lubes: not safe for latex toys (like our Salsa Shaker Booty), not recommended for internal toys.
  • Aloe-based lubes: safe for all toys.

Clean up


Whether it’s pre-cum, lube, or the big finale, you could be in store for some serious stains. Our friends over at The Condom Depot Learning Center compiled a great guide to getting sex stains out of fabric (like if you accidentally blow your load in your pillows, like above).

Meanwhile, your toy itself will need some special care. A lot of male masturbators, particularly artificial vaginas or anuses require a type of powder applied to them to keep them fresh and brand spankin’ new. This is because the ultra-realistic material that these toys are made from are too sensitive to even handle soap.

Some toys come with their own powder, but most use corn starch. You can find enough to last the life of your toy for under $2 at your local grocery store. Be sure to stay way from talc powder, which is made from an oil that can damage the material.

Also, while you’re at it, check out our guides to keeping your toys clean and our favorite sex toy cleaners.

Without a Toy?


If you don’t have a toy to call your own, but you’re tired of the old grab and yank, there all kinds of guides online to find some household object to ride like the British are coming.

Remember, it’s rarely a good idea to stick your penis in things that weren’t made to have a penis in them. Whether you’re certain you’ll be safe or not, that can end in a very embarrassing trip to the ER. If you don’t think you’re being safe, chances are, you aren’t. It may be better to invest in a toy that was made specifically for sex. With our cheapest quality male toys starting at just around $10, chances are, the right toy for your budget might be closer than you think.

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