Lube Review: WET Light

WET sure makes some fabulous personal lubricants. While they’re better known for their flavored lubes, like WET Fun Flavors, their entry into the light lube category ain’t too shabby either.



I don’t really know what lube companies mean when they say that a lube is light. Is it because it has a water base so it’s not as strong as a silicone based lube? But this isn’t WET’s only water-based lube. So color me confused.

Like many other WET 3.5 oz. bottles, WET Light comes in a flip top and it comes with a handy grip on the side. So if you’re klutzy with your lube after it’s been opened, never fear! This bottle isn’t gonna go anywhere on you.

One nice thing though is that when it does dry up, it doesn’t get super tacky like certain other brands of lube. It’s a tiny bit sticky, but it’s really barely noticeable. And because it’s water-based, that stickiness comes off with just some soap and water. Bonus! And speaking of light lubes, it’s comparable in feeling to Probe Light but without the weird stringiness.

Being water-based also means this lube is ideal for many sex toys. In particular, it’d be a great choice if you have a pocket pussy or male masturbator, like the Ashton Moore Pocket Pussy, because it won’t hurt the integrity of the toy, and it won’t hurt your penis.

But it’s not one that I would use on my vagina. Why? This lube contains glycerin and propylene glycol, and it even has a paraben in it. These aren’t very vagina-friendly ingredients. They can lead to yeast infections and pH imbalances. A better choice would be WET Naturals Silky Supreme.


It does, however, come with both aloe and vitamin E in it. A very small number of people have had mild allergic reactions to vitamin E in lubricants, so if you have before, stay aware. But for many, they’ll experience a soothing, comfortable coolness with application, instead of an oily heat which some lubes have.

Even though it has aloe, I wouldn’t recommend it for anal sex since it not only dries up quickly, but the water base means it’s not really meant to be used in the absorbent anus. Stick to something silicone, or a hybrid, like WET Synergy. Or check our list of the Five Best Anal Sprays and Lubes.

It may be an OK choice for anal though. There’s a slightly sweet taste to WET Light, no doubt due to the glycerin and citric acid. And has almost no smell at all, so not’s not off-putting to get up close and personal.

Final Verdict

This is a great lube for solo and toy play. If you’d adverse to silicone lubes for some reason, it’s also a good call. The soothing feeling of the aloe and the general lack of stickiness and stringiness makes it one of the better light lubes on the market.

Overall Rating: 3 Stars


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