Quick Quips About Queefing

No matter whether you’re loud and proud about it, or you expel air with silence and shame, if you have a vagina– you queef.

What Exactly is Queefing?


Often called fanny farts, pussy farts, vaginal flatulence, varts, the slang word queef originated in Scotland as a spin-off of their nautical term quiff which means, “a blast of wind.” Unlike farting, queefing is odorless and not a part of the digestive process.

Is Queefing Normal?


Absolutely. Basically, while doing physical activities like yoga, aerobics, or sex, air gets trapped into the vaginal canal and needs to escape. Generally speaking, the more often you change positions during said activity, the more likely it will be for a queef to loudly escape. Of course, vag toots are not featured in adult films, so if that’s the only experience or sex ed you or your partner has had, queefing may not seem normal at first. Rest assured though, everyone with an innie does it.

How Should I React to Queefing?


If you or your partner queefs during sex, or you let out a huge pocket of air while at the gym, you may suddenly have a burst of emotions. You may bust out laughing, turn red in the face, have the desire to run away and hide or you may feel betrayed by your noisy body. However you react, always keep in mind that queefing is completely normal. And, since it can’t always be stifled, you might as well accept queefing as a natural and healthy part of being active.

Can Trapped Air in the Vagina Be Dangerous?


You may have heard that cunnilingus can cause air embolisms. While this is very rare, and the result of large amounts of air being intentionally blown into the vaginal canal, it can occur. While it’s a scary thought for anyone to consider, this is a particularly terrifying thought for pregnant women. When giving or getting oral on a vagina, be sure to avoid this influx of huge volumes of oxygen– but remember, embolisms are a result of huge volumes of air, not from normal breathing. Queefs are the bodies way of releasing this air outward, so if some gets in there by mistake, it’ll work its way out. Dental dams provide even more protection from air entering into your body during oral, as well as shielding you and your partner from STD/STI transmission from oral sex.

Intentional Queefing


Believe it or not, some people with vaginas can actually queef on demand, just like a controlled burp performance of the alphabet. This unusual and very specific talent was the inspiration behind the World Queefing Championships, as shown in the photo above, which tallied the amount of live queefs created on the air. Queef on, ladies!

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