VIDEO: History’s Worst Contraceptives

Is your mini pill making you ill? Not so sure about the IUD? Check out these historical examples of contraception from around the world.

Since forever, women have taken potentially toxic risks to keep their reproductive health under their control.

The above film was produced by EngenderHealth, an international company that intends to provide contraception to women all over the world who desire it.


Their mission can be found at the end of the film– and it is absurd, when you think about it: we have many tried-and-true, safe methods for women to remain childless until they decide otherwise; until they can afford children; until they are mature enough or healthy enough to bear a child; until they are in a safe, healthy relationship with someone who can help them support a child, or a thousand other factors.

And yet, despite having these resources available for the betterment of humanity, we can’t seem to spread them around to those who need them the most. While EngenderHealth’s main mission takes them to some of the poorer areas of the world (you should check out more on their wonderful YouTube page for a sample of their work), because even in the western world, women still have trouble accessing this vital medication.

While many of these methods seem a little on the absurd side, some of them and many other strange methods are still considered to work today. Even though not a single one does.

I remember the Coke myth from high school (which was definitely way later than the 1960’s), only I heard it as Mountain Dew. I also heard if you sit on a cold sidewalk right after sex, the sperm will be attracted to the cold and run right out of you.

So that's what that means.

So that’s what that means.

I don’t know if any of my classmates ever believed that either tactic would work, but I doubt that if they weren’t desperate enough, they wouldn’t have tried anything.

In a world where women are abused and judged for being both sexual and chaste, proper health care can be hard to locate. But groups like EngenderHealth are trying to stop that.

Check out EngenderHealth’s WTFP?! campaign to learn more about how they’re enacting this wonderful program all over the world.

How many of these have you heard of? Have you ever tried any unconventional methods of contraception?

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