Lube Review: Pjur BodyGlide Woman

Normally, I loudly and proudly tout the wonders of silicone-based lube and of Pjur brand products, in particular. But, I’m willing to admit when something isn’t working as it should. After trying Pjur BodyGlide Woman all I could say was, “How can a lube be so dry?”


Granted, I’ve used copious amounts of lube before, especially when using water-based ones, but this was ridiculous. I literally used half of the 30ml (1.02 oz) bottle and still felt like I hadn’t used any at all. It also comes in a 100ml (3.38 oz) bottle, which I instantly regretted not taking home with me. I literally just keep pouring it in, with no results. How mystifying! At this point, I dubbed this the Houdini of lube.

This is the exact opposite with the experience with ID Millennium, another silicone-based lube I reviewed recently, which only required a few drops for an entire romp. This time, it was almost as if my vagina had a lube forcefield surrounding it, repelling the Pjur away from my goodies like magnets of the same pole.

Somehow, despite this lubes disappearing act from my vagina, it had no trouble coating my inner thighs with a nearly impossible to remove, oily film. Even after showering, using ample amounts of shower gel, and shaving with Intimmo Total Body Shave Kreme by WET, this lube still lingered on my skin. This lube defies all logic! Does not compute!

Pjur BodyGlide Woman only has three ingredients: cyclopentasiloxane, dimethicone and dimethiconol,which makes it body-safe and condom-safe. My partner and I paired it with a non-latex LifeStyles SKYN. There is no fragrance or taste to speak of, and this lube is safe for ingestion. It’s safe for daily use and can be used with non-silicone toys.


Despite the slew of ingredients that this personal lubricant doesn’t contain, like parabens and glycerines, the -free list on the package is just silly, and slightly pandering as well I might add. No other Pjur brand lube feels the need to specify, on the bottle, that it’s fat-free. Really? Ugh.

As if women expect lube to contain fat and are grateful that, at long last, they have found one which does not. Seems kinda misogynistic, Pjur. It’s like labeling an apple as made for women and advertising it as being fat-free. It is a total shame considering how much I adore their other high quality products like Analyse Me and Pjur Backdoor Relaxing Anal Glide.


The bottle design for this lube is also sub-par. The cap takes four full rotations to open, which became an issue since I was constantly trying to put more of it on. I prefer one-handed application, which this design did not allow. It’s also an opaque white bottle, with a vague grey logo, as opposed to their clear or black bottles with bold graphics for their ‘manlier’ products.

Overall Rating: 2 Stars

Final Verdict:

It’s faintly better than no lube at all, but it certainly doesn’t compare to any other type of Pjur lubricant. Next time I’d forgo the Pjur BodyGlide Woman and get the gender neutral Pjur BodyGlide Original instead.

4 thoughts on “Lube Review: Pjur BodyGlide Woman

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