Buyer’s Guide: Triple Area Vibrators

Frustrated with juggling your toys around in order to get the clitoral, vaginal and anal stimulation you desire? You’re not the only one fumbling around with batteries, cords, switches, buttons and handles. This familiar feeling, I know all too well.




Add in a super slippery lube, like iLube, to the mix and it becomes downright impossible to manage three toys at once. I’ve even tried using my feet and pillows for leverage, but the intricate and delicate physics of handling three toys at once is simply too much for one person to handle, even for a drummer who loves octopus-sy, like me.

Luckily, triple area vibrators offer a solution to this, “I desperately need more limbs,” dilemma while masturbating. With only one magnificent device, instead of two or three, these lifesavers cut back on the hassle, planning and strain of using multiple toys simultaneously.

With triple area vibrators, there’s only once sex toy to maneuver, keep powered up and there is less clean up afterwards as well. Plus, since one integral one won’t slip out of place while you’re holding onto a different toy, all of your most sensitive parts will be directly stimulated the entire time you’re building towards a powerful, total body climax.

Spicy Gear’s Best Triple Area Vibrators:

Vibrating Diva Pleaser

If you like the idea of the rabbit-style vibrators, but you’d rather not look at an animal while masturbating– and you crave a little extra anal stimulation, the Vibrating Diva Pleaser could be your best bet. I like the simple controls, the purple color and the overall size of this toy, at 6″ insertable length and a 4.5″ circumference, quite a bit. The clitoral nubs are more pleasurable for me than rabbit ears are, as they rub directly onto the clitoris, instead of just on either side of it.

The graduated sizes of spheres along the shaft add another extra spicy element to the triple area party. I’m also a big fan of the two AAA batteries as a power source and the push button for changing between the three speeds it offers. It’s made by California Exotics from phthalate-free TPR, which means it’s non-toxic, but is porous, so beware of sharing it with a partner or storing it without cleaning it and drying it properly.

8” Ribbed Bunny Vibe

This colossal sized Ribbed Bunny Vibe is great for those who want to bring their masturbation game up to the next level. With a full 5.5″ girth on this toy, those who prefer a wider circumference will be pleased with the size of this bunny vibe, however, don’t be fooled by the 8″ name– the product is 8″ long, but only 5.5″ of it is insertable.

It’s got multi-speeds, is waterproof for shower or bath-time fun and only takes 2 AA batteries. The rabbit portion of the toy is pretty standard, but the ribbed shaft, complete with a woman’s face and breasts for angled G-Spot stimulation and a long, soft tail for anal stimulation sets this toy apart from other bunny sex toys. It’s made by Top Cat from phthalate-free materials, but it is a porous toy, so proceed with caution.



For those who are new to triple area vibrators, or for those who prefer a less intense and smaller sex toy, the Dreamboat was made for you. Great for hands-free masturbation, the Dreamboat can be used on a flat surface for humping and bumping all three of your best areas all at once, including your G-Spot.

This vibe has a 3.5″ insertable length, takes 2 AAA batteries and only has one speed, so it’s super simple to use with just one on/off switch to fiddle with. It’s made by Vibratex out of latex-free (perfect for those with latex allergies or sensitivities) and phthalate-free elastomer, which is a hypoallergenic material often used in medical implants.

cunningcactusCunning Cactus

When Spicy Gear’s owner Kim bestowed this toy to each of us, Spicy Gear Girl and I were very wide eyed and  pleased with our new triple area acquisitions. The Cunning Cactus, or cock-tus, as we like to call them, are not for the faint of heart. Not only do they have nubs on each prong of the cactus, this baby takes a 9 volt battery, so you know it’s packing some serious power.

The push button design is easy to use and offers variable, steady and multi-speed vibrations. It’s also quite sizable, with an insertable length of 5.5″ and an insertable girth of 5.5.” It’s made by Top Cat of TPR materials, so use condoms on it or be sure to disinfect it with some Before and After Toy Cleaner for safety.

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